Monday, June 15, 2009


Let's just say that before I got pregnant, I was very clumsy. Now I'm EXTREMELY clumsy!!!

Since we're staying at my parents right now, Jordan and I pretty much have the basement to ourselves. But since we moved in with a dog, my parent's dog has been getting territorial and started peeing on our chairs down here. So now that we have the crib and dresser set up, we put up a gate to the basement (so Rudy, my parents dog, doesn't come down here). Tonight, I went to put up the gate. Stretched around the flatform (in front of the garage door) to get it, took a step back, but missed the platform entirely. So started falling backwards, FREAKED OUT and grabbed anything and everything I could. Which meant back of the thigh into the guard rail, head/arm/palm into the textured ceiling and ribs into the door handle. None of that really hurt (at the time), I think I was more scared about falling backwards, down the stairs, and hurting our baby. So yeah, definitely started sobbing. Jordan ran upstairs to check on me and put his hands on my belly, Autumn kicked for him :-) Letting him know she's ok or startled that I woke her up. LOL. But yes, now I'm in a lot of pain. Sigh, just another bruise to add to my list...

On a better note. Jordan and I had a date night tonight. Went to the Whitecaps baseball game. Since I work there now, I don't really have time to sit and watch the whole game. So it was fun to sick back and relax for once. For dinner, we had french toast.... Not sure about you pregnant (or were pregnant) women but syrup most definitely wakes the baby up! She was moving constantly. Kicking like crazy. During the game you could see her kicking on my belly. So I showed Jordan and he thought it was really cool. Then he put his hand on my belly and she "moved" and then he had enough. HAHA. It just cracks me up how much it grosses him out when she moves around. I think it's the coolest thing ever :-) Men, they just don't understand!

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