Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yes, I'm definitely overdue for an update. Just really haven't had a lot of time to sit down and think of what to say. It hasn't been very eventful in the pregnancy world here. Just getting bigger, started getting puffy ankles (YUCK) and Autumn's moving around like crazy. Jordan's newest kick is that he likes to pat my belly and say "Wake up Autumn!" until she starts kicking. He LOVES it :-) He did that last night and just sighed and said that he can't wait to hold her. Just melts my heart!!!

Did my glucose testing last week. And I'm assuming since I didn't get a phone call that nothing abnormal, but I'll find out for sure tomorrow at my regular check up. A lot of my other preggo friends made a big deal about the sugary drink you had to drink before hand. Made it seem like it was huge and you could barely drink it in the 5 min they allowed you too. I actually really liked it. It honestly just tasted like a kool-aid drink that my brother would make (with extra sugar). So thanks Bryan, for preparing me for the glucose test. HAHA! Definitely didn't like the needle poking they had to do. Sigh... Will this ever get easier?!?!? First time I ever bruised too from it. Looks worse today than it did last Thursday. I guess that's what I get for an overly chatty nurse poking my arm. LOL.

Definitely looking forward to house sitting for my best friend's parents this coming July (first full week of July). Out in the country, taking care of their farm animals, laying in the pool ALL DAY LONG! I might actually be able to tan my back for once. SOOOO excited. Nothing relaxing me more than just being out there in the quietness of life. Enjoying the farms noises and smells (yes, I love the smell of farms) and the cool breeze of the country air. SIGH. I'm getting relaxed just thinking about it! I would love to live in the country. But not sure if my clients would want to drive down to Caledonia to get their hair done (that's where they live and they found a house for sale that they want me to move into, teehee). Someday...

Oh yes, something exciting did happen to me this past week. My car brakes failed on me. NICE. I knew they were pretty bad. Every now and then I would touch the brake pedal and it would slowly go to the floor, but I would still stop. So until we could afford to fix it, I would just pump my brakes everytime I got into the car and I wouldn't have any problems. Until this day... I believe it was Monday. Just driving home from a client's house. Through construction (so I'm going super slow and keeping my distance) and everyone stopped cuz someone wanted to turn. Touched the brakes and went STRAIGHT to the floor. Started slowing down, but not fast enough. There was no way I was swerving, too many cars and other people around. So I just went straight into the Jeep's tailgate in front of me. SIGH. Pulled over and there was no damage to his car, a little to mine (very, very minor) and he just said "Get home safely" and took off. Fine by me! Super scary though. AHHHHH! However, my super awesome and talented husband fixed them for me and it's all better now :-) I love how handy my hubby is!!!

Offically in my third trimester today. WOO HOO! I'll make sure to post a picture of my belly up soon. I know, I'm WAY overdue...

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  1. Can't wait to see the new picture, I am glad you're ok from the brakes (or lack of!)