Sunday, August 30, 2009


So yes, I was offically "nesting" today. LOL. Had this sudden urge to clean everything in the house (well, the basement, which is kind of our house). Autumn's room is ALL set up and ready to go. Cleaned our bedroom inside and out. Cleaned the laundry room, did some rearranging, painted letters (that spell Autumn's name) and stocked up on diapers! Pretty much was cleaning all day today. Jordan kept bugging me... "Are you nesting?" He was really hoping I was so that Autumn could arrive tomorrow. But nesting doesn't always mean you're gonna go into labor that night. Just means I'm gonna be bored for the next 2 weeks (give or take) waiting for Autumn to arrive :-)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Real quick!

I just thought I'd throw on here a quick update from my appointment on Wednesday... Had another ultra sound to see how my amniotic fluids were and I brought the levels back up! So lots of rest and LOTS of water helped a lot. Just gotta keep drinking that water :-)

Had a baby shower from church on Wednesday as well. Got lots of cute stuff! Have another one for my friends tomorrow (Sunday) and then it's just wait until Autumn decides to arrive! Wow, 3 1/2 weeks til I'm due. I can't believe it.

I was babysitting one of my friend's baby from church yesterday. Such a cutie. But the point of this is that I really got to see how Jade's going to react when Autumn comes into this world. Besides the face wash/bath that she gave Danielle (the baby) when she first arrived. LOL. Jade did very, very well. She was always curious about Danielle. Checking her out, seeing if she's ok. She even slept with her face on Danielle's car seat while Danielle was taking her nap in it! Loved it!!! She'll be a good dog when the baby comes :-) Can't wait!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

And the survey says...

How far along? 35 weeks & 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: +41 lbs (believe it or not)
Maternity clothes? I'm all about the homemade capris and over-sized t-shirts!!!
Stretch marks? Finally got some... Mostly hidden though... Underpart of my boobs and on my butt :-)
Sleep: Sleep is over-rated!!! LOL... Lack there of is definitely going on right now. Whether it's because of restless legs or constant bathrooms runs!
Best moment this week: After having a stressful day following a "routine appointment"... I'm very grateful that everything's ok :-)
Movement: Wish I could show you the big FOOT that's sticking out on top of my belly right now. HAHA. Yeah, she's way more active than a normal baby. Even the nurse during my non-stress test said she was a little hyper and that was on a slow day!!!
Food cravings: Pickles!!!
Gender: Little girl (well, knowing us, she might be very LONG)
Labor Signs: Few contractions, but I was dehydrated so it's all good now.
Belly Button in or out? Definitely an outie!!!
What I miss: Sleeping on my belly, sleeping in general and being able to BREATHE!!!
What I am looking forward to: Being able to hold our little girl in just over a month :-)
Weekly Wisdom: Water is your friend!!!
Milestones: Not sure if this is a good thing, but Autumn has definitely located my ribs and LOVES to rub her foot on them.........sigh........
Realization of the week: I'm due in just over a month... 1 more birthing class and 2 baby showers to go!!!

Here's me at 34 weeks. Seriously cannot believe how big I am!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today was definitely an interesting day. Just when I thought my pregnancy was fine and I was bragging that I haven't had any problems. LOL. Next time I'm keeping my mouth shut :-)

Went into my doctor's appointment today. Nothing out of the ordinary. Doctor did the Group B test and then checked to see where Autumn's head is. She wasn't really 100% sure. I was hard at the bottom and top of my uterus. So then she checked to see if I was dialated so she could feel her head and I wasn't. So then my doctor ordered an ultra sound just to check to see where her head is. Not a big deal. The ultrasound tech had time to squeeze me in right away, so that worked out great. Found her head right away. It's down, where she's supposed to be. Checked to make sure she's still a girl :-) She is. HAHA. Makes me breath a lot easier now that I have all this pink around the house!!! Then the ultrasound tech started checking the amount of amniotic fluid I had around Autumn. That was cool to watch. After she was finished, she went to my doctor to discuss what she did... Came back in and said that my amniotic fluid was border line with being low. So now I have to rest more (I feel like I'm being lazy as it is) and drink more water!!!! Sheesh. I already pee enough as it is. I'm about ready to go get me some diapers so I can sleep more than 2 hours at night. LOL. I don't think my advice will work for this situation Jen ;-)

So now I'm at my inlaws house. Doing my sister-in-laws hair. Get a call from the doctor's office (but I didn't get to answer it) and they left me a message saying that my doctor wants me to take a non-stress test...not an emergency...but they want me to do it before the weekend. So I call back, the nurse that called me is gone and my doctor is busy. So the nurse that's on the phone has no idea what's going on. They transfer me to scheduling and back to nurses again. AHHHHH!!!!! What's going on?!?! Finally make me an appointment for this afternoon to have the test done. Kinda freaking out. Get there and have the test done. The nurse there asks me if I know why I'm there.... NOPE!!!! But everything looked good. Autumn got a little "hyper" for the machine, but she didn't move as much as she normally does. Tee hee. She'd probably break the machine then! So, now what? No idea. I dunno what my doctor was looking for, but my mom thinks that they were just making sure she's ok in the environment with the border line amniotic fluid that I have going on in there. Now I have another ultra sound for my appointment next week. My goodness!

So that was my exciting day. I didn't really want to post only some of it on facebook so that nobody freaks out. Even though I did a little bit :-) But everything's looking good. Just need to drink more water.... Story of my life! I'll post pictures of my belly tomorrow. God Bless!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too long...

Yeah, definitely need to get in a habit of updating on this thing. It doesn't help that I'm getting really busy as my due date is getting closer.

So where do I begin? Well, I ended up quitting at the Whitecaps. I was ending up in too much pain in my back everytime I worked there. It was getting too much and Jordan finally had to say "I think you had enough". It was nice to have the little extra income, but it wasn't worth the amount of pain I was in, unfortunately. So now I'm just doing hair until a few days before my due date. Hopefully I won't have her too early, but if I follow in my mom's footsteps, I probably won't. She had all three of her kids within a week of her due date. So not too bad :-)

On a scarier note. A week ago, Sunday, I ended up getting a little dehydrated and starting having some contractions. Definitely not the normal Braxton-Hicks that I've been having. I was just about to brush my teeth and felt a little tight. But then it kept getting worse and worse and worse to the point where I was almost bent over. Jordan rubbed my belly for me and started timing them. I had 5 within 20 minutes. So I called my mom (she's a nurse and it was midnight, so I wanted to see if I should call my doctor or do something on my own) and she told me to drink a glass of water and lay on my left side and see what happens within the next hour. So I did and only got one more. PHEW! Jordan was all excited, thinking that he would be able to see his little girl, finally. But I had to remind him that if she came now, she would be in the NICU for a while and we couldn't take her home right away and he didn't like that so much. But he was so good to me :-)

Had my first baby shower this past Saturday. This one was given by my mom and aunt for my family. So much fun! We did this diaper game that had melted chocolate candy in it and we had to guess what kind of chocolate candy bar it was. So creepy, but so much fun. Some of those diapers looked real and I was almost naucious trying to sniff it. HAHA. I did horrible though. I had to cheat off my neighbor cuz I'm not a huge chocolate fan (I know, weird). So a lot of them I didn't know. But I got a lot of nice stuff. Including the Jeep Running Stroller that Jordan really wanted :-D Got 2 more showers to go. Due in 5 weeks.... I can't believe she'll be here within a month (or so). Just can't even really grasp that yet.

Jordan and I have been going through Birthing Classes through our hospital. It's a 5 week program and next Monday will be our last week. Jordan wasn't too thrilled about it, but we really learned a lot. I really can't imagine someone trying to give birth without this. I don't think Jordan really understood how much a coach/support person's role really is important when it comes to labor and delivery. But he got to practice with my little episode the other week and he did good. Remembered everything that he learned, so I know he'll do an awesome job! It's funny... I've always wanted to try to do a natural birth. And I say try because I don't handle pain very well, but I want to go in with the attitude that I want to go that route. But if it gets too much, I will do an epideral. However... After watching how they do an epideral, kinda made the idea of a natural birth that much better. HAHA! I just can't stand the thought of having the huge needle in my back the whole time. EWWWW!!! Makes me squeemish just thinking about it!

I'll start updating more often. Now that it's getting closer to my due date, I feel like I have more to write about. September will be here before we know it!!!