Friday, April 30, 2010

Look at me go!!!

Here's Autumn learning how to crawl for the first time!

She also sat up by herself for the first time today too. But I was too wrapped up in Jade's massive bug attack that I didn't see how she did it. I just saw the before and after.
Such a big girl!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our crazy life!

Teething has definitely taken it's toll in this household. I feel like I don't have much time to breath, let alone think! It's not like she's SUPER fussy, I've seen babies worse. But her schedule is all over the place. Never consistent anymore. Naps can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. And I always plan the wrong thing during the wrong length of nap time :-) Both of her bottom teeth are in. Moving their way up. I tried getting a good picture of them, but she likes to rub her tongue over them. So I have lots of pictures with her tongue sticking out.

Autumn's still not crawling. I thought for sure that she would be crawling by now. She's still able to get around by rolling and scooting backwards. So she's into EVERYTHING! Baby proofing is definitely taking affect today. It's amazing how they find anything that they're not supposed to get into and go there everytime. Craziness! She is almost able to sit up by herself. She just can't quite push herself up to the upright position yet, but she's so close!

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend had their baby girl last week! Breanna Rose. So Autumn and I went and visited them in the hospital. My, has Breanna got a HEAD full of hair. Definitely jealous :-P Why does the hairstylist get a bald baby? LOL. Good thing Autumn's so stinkin' cute. She'll get hair eventually. Maybe this is God's way of testing my patience. My brother always says that God won't grant you patience, but give you opportunities to use that patience :-)

(Edit) I forgot to mention about Autumn's sleep training... She's still not sleeping through the night. She's been going down around 7pm, waking up at 10/11ish, 2/3ish, 5:30 and 7 or 8am. Sheesh! So I'm going to start her sleep training again. I know this time will be worse because she wakes up upset and cries a lot. I never thought I'd have an issues with sleeping training. I pray that I will have the strength to get through this. I'm horrible at letting her "cry-it-out" :-)

Enjoy some pictures!

Trying to sit up by herself.

Look at me balance!

One of her new "do not go" spots, above the air vent :-)

Look at me!

Attempt at getting a picture of her teeth.

There's the tongue!

Jer, Tammy and little Breanna.

Check out that hair!

Autumn jabbering away during our hospital visit.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday and teething and bananas... OH MY!!!

Sheesh! Where do I begin? Well, let's just say I think it's weird that I'm 25 now... LOL. I don't know why. I didn't think that it would affect me that much. I do feel slightly aged. Maybe because I'm a mother now or that my car insurance gets to go down (even though I'm carless right now). Who knows... 25... :-P

Autumn's finally cutting her first tooth! It looks painful. Poor thing. I have her wearing a baltic amber teething necklace when she's awake. I think I'm going to go and get some teething tablets tomorrow. She was a little fussy during the day today and I figured that could help her a little bit. It was very sudden. I've been noticing that her teeth have been moving in from the front of her gums, but never the top. I never saw any white under her gums. But I went to feed her and noticed a slit on her gums and can feel the top of her tooth. So weird :-P Definitely makes nursing a little different, lol.

On the topic of food. I had Autumn eating green beans on Sunday, but she didn't handle it very well. I wasn't sure if she didn't the taste of if or the texture. She gagged quite a bit and shivered with every bite, not just the first few. So I gave up on that idea and switched to bananas the next day. Yummy!!! She loves bananas and can eat half of one already!

Autumn still gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She can move, backwards, lol. She's not crawling forward yet, just scooting backwards. It's cute. She'll back up into something and look at it like "how did you get there?" :-) She's sitting up pretty much by herself now. Expect when she gets super excited and falls backwards from bouncing up and down. Her balance has improved a lot in the past few days and she really seems to enjoy sitting up. She's getting better at pushing herself back into place if she does fall to the side or forward.

Well, I am going to enjoy this absolutely beyond gorgeous weather we're having right now with Jordan, outside. Sigh! I love spring :-)

She loves bananas!

Such a happy baby!

When isn't her mouth open?

Enjoying a walk with mommy!

Chew, chew, chew...

I love spring!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sleep Training and Easter

So I've had to put a hold on the sleep training. Autumn caught a pretty nasty cold. Super stuffy nose and coughing (mostly at night). Poor thing. She can't stand the sight of the boogie sucker when I lay her down on her changing table. She knows what it's for and quickly turns her head. Haha. She needs it though, or she can't nurse. So right now she's waking up about every 3-4 hours again. I'm not minding that too much right now because I know nursing her will help her get over this cold. This too will pass :-)

Easter was exhausting for Autumn. I felt so bad :-( She only got 1 good nap in her crib before church. Then 1 short nap on the way to my Aunt's house (over an hour drive) and another nap on the way home. She doesn't do well sleeping in other's houses. But she did have some quiet time to herself in a pack-n-play that helped calm her down a little bit. She didn't get any Easter eggs (she's too young, of course), but we did take some pictures of her holding and checking out some of the eggs before other kids got to them. Jordan's really looking forward to watching her run around and find her own eggs :-)

I also want to apologize for my last post about my hair business. I was having a stressful day and needed to vent without someone telling me what to do or solving my problems. I really don't want to quit doing hair and I absolutely love going out and doing it. I just need to realize that Autumn can't be 100% happy 100% of the time. It's completely normal for her to be upset sometimes and that I can't control it or her. So if any of my clients read this, don't stress, I'm still doing hair and I'll have my own salon in my home in no time!!!

Enjoy some pics of our wonderful Easter Sunday!

Daddy helping Autumn get some Easter eggs.

Jordan and Bryan having way too much fun hiding the eggs.

Silly boys...

I see teeth in there somewhere :-)

So precious :-)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sleep Training - Night 5

Last night was a success! Autumn went down at 7:30pm for the night and woke up at 7am without a sound all night long!!! Of course I didn't get a full night's sleep because I kept waking up wondering if she was going to wake up. Haha. It won't be long til I am able to sleep through the night again too. This feels wonderful! I thought for sure that this was going to be the worst experience ever. Autumn has been nothing but cooperative and you can really tell that she's a lot happier during her awake time now too.

Something I've been struggling with personally is my hair business. I currently travel to do hair by going to my client's houses. However, it's been a few weeks since I've gone out and done hair, so Autumn got really into her schedule. The last 2 days that I've brought her to her hair appointment haven't been very pleasant. She wasn't used to being out and got really fussy that she couldn't take her nap. And I don't have a regular babysitter around that can help me whenever or almost on a last minute notice. So my thoughts are... Do I just wait it out until we get our own place where my clients can come to me everytime? Do I become more strict on the days that I can do hair so that I can have a babysitter? Do I quit altogether? I have thought of that... I would absolutely love to be home with Autumn 24/7... But giving up hair would be almost impossible for me right now... Sigh! I've been praying about it for a long time now and I still have no answer. My clients have been nothing but cooperative with me and are super understanding. I think of them more as friends than clients. I just pray that God will help guide me into His plan that He has for me.

On another note... I noticed that Autumn has been paying attention to detail lately. She's really starting to lightly play with small things like the antenna on one of her bugs or tags on her toys. She'll lightly flick them with her finger and sometimes put the object in between her thumb and pointer finger. So cute :-D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sleep Training - Nights 3/4

Tuesday I'm not going to count so much because I wasn't home and Autumn wasn't cooperating very well... My dad was babysitting (which I know he loved to death). When she woke up from her late nap, he fed her peaches and tried to feed her a bottle. I say tried because she was playing with it and wiggling a lot. So he put her on the floor with the bottle. He said that she played around with it a little bit and eventually drank from it herself...and the whole thing!!! He even sent me pictures over the phone while we were in small group :-) It was so cute!!! Such a big girl.

Last night on the other hand was wonderful! She went to bed at 7pm and woke up around 1:30am. I went into her room and she lifted her head and looked up at me like "Well.... are you gonna pick me up?" I patted her on her bum and told her it was "na-night" and went upstairs for a while. After 15 minutes (and only whining once for a short time), I went and peeked on her and she turned her head and gave me a little smile. LOL... Silly girl. So I quickly got out of there and went upstairs to finish Jordan's lunch. She whined again for only a minute and was back to sleep by 2am when I went to bed. She then didn't wake up until 6:45am and I was very happy to nurse her :-D I'm so amazed by how well this is working and how easy she is! I am now convinced that I'm going to have a colicky baby for my next child. Haha!

I also think within the next week (maybe a little longer) that she will be crawling. This morning she got up on her knees and started rocking a little bit. She's also scooting forward a little bit too.

Autumn was so incredibly happy yesterday morning. She was just smiling at the camera like there's no tomorrow. I love her so much and the smiles she gives me just warms my heart. So enjoy my very happy baby!!!

She looks almost evil here :-)

This picture makes me giggle :-D

Tee hee!

Mommy's silly!

"I'm gonna getcha mommy!"