Monday, April 5, 2010

Sleep Training and Easter

So I've had to put a hold on the sleep training. Autumn caught a pretty nasty cold. Super stuffy nose and coughing (mostly at night). Poor thing. She can't stand the sight of the boogie sucker when I lay her down on her changing table. She knows what it's for and quickly turns her head. Haha. She needs it though, or she can't nurse. So right now she's waking up about every 3-4 hours again. I'm not minding that too much right now because I know nursing her will help her get over this cold. This too will pass :-)

Easter was exhausting for Autumn. I felt so bad :-( She only got 1 good nap in her crib before church. Then 1 short nap on the way to my Aunt's house (over an hour drive) and another nap on the way home. She doesn't do well sleeping in other's houses. But she did have some quiet time to herself in a pack-n-play that helped calm her down a little bit. She didn't get any Easter eggs (she's too young, of course), but we did take some pictures of her holding and checking out some of the eggs before other kids got to them. Jordan's really looking forward to watching her run around and find her own eggs :-)

I also want to apologize for my last post about my hair business. I was having a stressful day and needed to vent without someone telling me what to do or solving my problems. I really don't want to quit doing hair and I absolutely love going out and doing it. I just need to realize that Autumn can't be 100% happy 100% of the time. It's completely normal for her to be upset sometimes and that I can't control it or her. So if any of my clients read this, don't stress, I'm still doing hair and I'll have my own salon in my home in no time!!!

Enjoy some pics of our wonderful Easter Sunday!

Daddy helping Autumn get some Easter eggs.

Jordan and Bryan having way too much fun hiding the eggs.

Silly boys...

I see teeth in there somewhere :-)

So precious :-)

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  1. I don't think you need to apologize - you didn't sound mean, you were just explaining your current thought process.

    I could see both sides - it might be easier just to pick one day and get a sitter, and routines are great for the little ones -- but you also don't want Autumn to be so set in a routine that she freaks out at any change, because you're going to have to get out and do things as well!!

    Hope she feels better soon --- Henry has a runny nose as well that I'm keeping an eye on!