Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sleep Training - Nights 3/4

Tuesday I'm not going to count so much because I wasn't home and Autumn wasn't cooperating very well... My dad was babysitting (which I know he loved to death). When she woke up from her late nap, he fed her peaches and tried to feed her a bottle. I say tried because she was playing with it and wiggling a lot. So he put her on the floor with the bottle. He said that she played around with it a little bit and eventually drank from it herself...and the whole thing!!! He even sent me pictures over the phone while we were in small group :-) It was so cute!!! Such a big girl.

Last night on the other hand was wonderful! She went to bed at 7pm and woke up around 1:30am. I went into her room and she lifted her head and looked up at me like "Well.... are you gonna pick me up?" I patted her on her bum and told her it was "na-night" and went upstairs for a while. After 15 minutes (and only whining once for a short time), I went and peeked on her and she turned her head and gave me a little smile. LOL... Silly girl. So I quickly got out of there and went upstairs to finish Jordan's lunch. She whined again for only a minute and was back to sleep by 2am when I went to bed. She then didn't wake up until 6:45am and I was very happy to nurse her :-D I'm so amazed by how well this is working and how easy she is! I am now convinced that I'm going to have a colicky baby for my next child. Haha!

I also think within the next week (maybe a little longer) that she will be crawling. This morning she got up on her knees and started rocking a little bit. She's also scooting forward a little bit too.

Autumn was so incredibly happy yesterday morning. She was just smiling at the camera like there's no tomorrow. I love her so much and the smiles she gives me just warms my heart. So enjoy my very happy baby!!!

She looks almost evil here :-)

This picture makes me giggle :-D

Tee hee!

Mommy's silly!

"I'm gonna getcha mommy!"

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