Friday, February 25, 2011

Boobie Fever

Poor Autumn started having a fever a couple of days ago. You could really tell that she wasn't feeling well. I gave her some meds and waited to see what the next day brought. The following day she still wasn't feeling well. Still had a fever (around the 100 range), so I decided to take her to the pediatrician's office, just in case. Her right ear had a bunch of wax in it, so it was hard to see it. Ugh, that was horrible having it taken out. I think it was worse than having her shots done. She was in so much pain, looking at my like "why are you letting her do this?" But once the Dr. got all the wax out, she looked in Autumn's ear and said "Oh yeah, we have an ear infection!" :-( Well, I'm glad that I brought her in. So we are able to start Autumn on anti-biotics right away and help her feel better sooner. Today has been an interesting day. Autumn was walking around all morning whining, which isn't like her. I actually even put her down for an early nap today at 11 and she's still sleeping. I hope she gets better quickly.

Before I continue on my blog, I will say there has been 1 good thing out of this ear infection of Autumn's... She's been sleeping longer at night. The night before she started her fever she slept 12 hours! The past few nights she's been sleeping at least 8 hours and then 3 more hours after that. I hope this pattern continues even after she feels better!

We come to the bitter/sweet part of the blog today. I am officially done breastfeeding Autumn :-( I've been slowly weaning her since January (after we all got the stomach flu). I immediately cut out Autumn's afternoon feeding at that time. Then slowly introduced a bottle along with her night time feeding. The bottle slowly got bigger and bigger. Then I went to an every other night time. She got a bottle only one night and then both the next night. That lasted about a week and then my milk just disappeared. My mom told me that it's not uncommon for women to dry up that quickly. I am so happy that Autumn and I lasted as long as we did! My goal was 18 months and I'm just shy of that. I will miss it, but there's always other kids. And now Jordan is enjoying putting her down at bedtime as well :-)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shower Baby

All of you mothers out there know what I mean when I say that it's almost impossible to take a shower by yourself these days. It was definitely easier when Autumn wasn't mobile. Just stuck her in the bouncy seat with the shower curtain open and we were golden. I usually take a shower at night because I can't leave Autumn in the bathroom running free. But yesterday was another story. We usually go out to lunch (Ming Ten, hehe) with my dad and grandpa, but I haven't taken a shower in a while. I was desperate! So, I thought, why not fill up the tub a little bit and sit Autumn in there with me with some toys. I thought it was a great idea! Autumn, not so much... She did not like the water spraying on her at all! She kept crying and shaking. Poor thing. So I picked her up to show her that it was ok. Still didn't like it. Then I just put her down and made sure it didn't spray her. Haha. I was able to take my shower, but not as exciting as I thought it would be. Back to night time showers :-)