Sunday, February 28, 2010

When you say...

I was going through my old xanga blog today and found this old entry. I have no idea where I got it from, but I love it and I'm going to frame it and put it up so it reminds me every day how amazing our God is! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have :-)

When you say…

“It’s impossible” God says, “All things are possible.” Luke 18:27

“I’m too tired” God says. “I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28-30

“Nobody really loves me” God says, “I love you” John 3:16; 13:34

“I can’t go on” God says “My grace is sufficient” 2 Corinthians 12:9

“I can not do it” God says “You can do all things” Philippians 4:13

“I’m not able” God says “I am able” 2 Corinthians 9:8

“It’s not worth it” God says “It will be worth it” Romans 8:28

“I can’t forgive myself” God says “I forgive you” 1 John 1:9

“I can’t manage” God says “I will supply all your needs” Philippians 4:19

“I’m afraid” God says “I have not given you a spirit of fear” 2 Timothy 1:7

“I’m always worried and frustrated” God says “Cast all your cares on Me” 1 Peter 5:7

“I don’t have enough faith” God says “I have given everyone a measure of faith” Romans 12:3

“I feel alone” God says “I will never forsake you” Hebrew 13:5

“I can’t figure things out” God says “I will direct your steps” Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, February 22, 2010

One tough cookie!

Last night was really rough for Autumn and myself. I know that I've mentioned a few times that she was rubbing her left ear a little bit. She wasn't showing any signs of an ear infection. Especially since she was only really rubbing it a little bit at night. I thought it was associated with teething and didn't think much of it. This past weekend she started rubbing it a little more often so I decided to keep an eye on it. If it didn't improve over the weekend, then I was calling her doctor. Last night was definitely the deciding factor for calling her doctor. She slept for 3 hours, then 2, then up every hour from 12am til 6am!!! I was so exhausted and so frustrated (yes, I will admit, I was), but I couldn't even build up enough energy to cry. I knew it was her ear bothering her because every time I laid her down in her crib, she would plant her face into the mattress and leave it there. Normally she would move her head from side to side until she was comfortable. Instead, she would put her hands under her forehead, I'm assuming, so she could breathe! I used to get ear infections a lot as a kid. I remember them very well. Laying down is not fun! So I finally decided that she needed at least a couple hours of good sleep. I brought her upstairs and let her sleep on my chest, while I laid on the couch. We slept for 2 hours. I do love cuddling with her like that, however, I felt so bad that it had to come to that for her to sleep.

As soon as her office opened up, I called and made an appointment that was within the hour. After waiting in the exam room for 40 minutes (UGH!), her pediatrician came in and checked her out. Her lungs sounded great, so no sign of a cold. Checked her right ear and it was perfect. Checked her left ear and it was caved in a little bit with some liquid behind the drum. She stated that it was the possible end of an ear infection.... Seriously?!?! We were both shocked that Autumn went through the ear infection, alone, without meds and no fever! I honestly don't have hardly any pain tolerance at all. Such a big girl! Autumn was prescribed some ear drops that will numb and help dry up any liquid behind the ear drum. She did pretty good when my mom put them in. Nursed and went to sleep. Woke up 2 hours later, but nursed and went right back to bed. I pray that she does better tonight. If not, she's coming upstairs with me sooner :-) I guess next time I know what to look for more so that she doesn't have to wait as long to feel better.

On a happier note. Autumn is now rolling over from back to tummy and is loving it! She did it for my dad first. Haha. She was so close when I was sitting by her, but I had to run and check on Jade outside (to make sure she didn't chase after a squirrel) and while I was in the other room my dad yells "She just rolled over!" :-P Silly girl. She did roll over for me again shortly after. Now, anytime I put her on her back, she'll try to roll over again. It's amazing how fast she's growing up. She's going to be crawling that much sooner!

One very exhausted mommy and one happy baby!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Such a blessing

Today was an absolute beautiful day! It was sunny, kind of windy, but that didn't stop me from taking Autumn and Jade out for a walk. Sigh, some fresh air is exactly what we needed. Although, Autumn slept the whole time and for an hour after we got home. Ha, nice nap for her! She also went to bed at 7pm tonight. It's only 8pm right now... So I'm not expecting her to sleep longer than a few hours... But it is nice to relax and unwind from my exciting day today :-)

Thursdays are Ming Ten (Chinese/Sushi buffet) days with my Dad and Grandpa for lunch. Autumn and I usually try to go with if we can. This time I ended up taking my Grandpa home afterwards. My Grandpa is old, 80 to be exact. He has Huntington's Disease and doesn't get around very well anymore. So he's usually pushed in a wheel chair if we go anywhere that involves a lot of walking. On the way home, he asked me if we could go to Kmart to get some razors. I suggested that we didn't because I had Autumn with me in her carseat. However, stubborn as he is, he wouldn't take no for an answer. When we got there, I helped him in his wheel chair and went to get Autumn from the car and he asked, "Why don't you just leave her in there?" ....................................... WHAT??!!?!?!?! LOL, oh Grandpa! So I carried Autumn in one arm and pushed Grandpa at the same time. The thing that frustrated me the most is SEVERAL people stopped and stared at me, but no one asked to help. Seriously? It's sad... But we made it, and I won't do it again! :-)

Autumn is showing a huge interest in table food lately. We've been letting her try some stuff here and there. Mostly fruit. She LOVED sucking on a pear the other day. That's my girl (I love pears). Also, while I was getting ready for our walk, I placed a ginger snap cookie in her car seat so that I wouldn't drop it or lose it. Little stinker was sucking on it when I put her car seat in the stroller and put the top down. LOL. I'll be honest, I am nervous about starting her on solids soon. The thing that worries me is not knowing how much she needs to eat or when she's had enough. I don't want to over feed her or under feed her. Is that normal for you first time moms?

Last, but not least (I don't want to make this post too long). Autumn is obsessed with her feet! She's always pulling them up when I change her diaper or give her a bath or just put her on her back in general. She was even able to suck on her toes too. I wish I was that flexible. Ha. She's almost rolling over from back to tummy. She gets on her side and gets stuck, from her arm being in the way, and rolls back. She's only giggled a few times for me and once for Jordan. She's still doing her fake cough when she laughs though. So silly. She loves reaching for things and melted Jordan's heart when she reached for him when he got home from work!

I just love our baby so much!!!

She's almost sitting up by herself.

She puts her whole body into her smile!

"You think you wanna sleep all night mommy?
Think again!"

Spending some quality time with Grandpa!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Forgot to add more pics...

I love this girl so much!

Grandpa's saying "hi" to her :-)

Autumn at almost 5 mths
next to the take-home outfit that was too big on her!

She loves to attack her frog :-)

Challenge for 2010

I got challenged from a friend of mine to write down 15 things that I want to work for/towards in 2010. I've decided to write them on my blog in hopes that some of my readers will help keep me accountable. I need to put them in a place that I see them everyday so that I can be reminded of what I want to work for/towards. Still debating on that place though :-) I also challenge any of my readers who haven't thought about it to sit down and think of 15 things that you would like to work for/towards for the rest of the year. And, as always, enjoy some pics of my baby girl too!

1. Pay off debt (doing good so far, only 2 more items to go).

2. Work on our budget and establish better spending habits. Don't get me (or Jordan) started on my spending habits... LOL

3. Buy a house (it's so close!)

4. Lose the baby weight and get back into shape before our next baby (it may be sooner than you think!)

5. Run a 5K - I've started doing a "Couch to 5K" program, but being consistent is another story...

6. Cook more meals while I'm living here at my parents. Eventually I won't have the luxury of a wanna-be chef father around when we move out!

7. Eat healthier... Especially since Autumn will be able to start solids soon.

8. Become the wife/mother that God intended for me to be.

9. Do my devotions... EVERYDAY!!!

10. Communication - Avoid bottling up my emotions/feelings... It's not healthy!

11. Find an accountability partner to help keep me in track with my spiritual walk/marriage/motherhood!

12. Rekindle our marriage - Encourage my husband instead of bringing him down.

13. Become more involved with others (outside of facebook).

14. Establish a cleaning routine and stick to it!

15. Manage my time better (instead of sitting in front of the computer all day... UGH!)

Spending quality time with her grandpa!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love, love.

My new camera is here and I absolutely LOVE it! It's amazing what a difference a nice camera will make with picture quality. I took over 80 pictures of Autumn in 2 days. Haha. Poor girl! She's so used to it by now, it doesn't even phase her. So please enjoy some of my pictures of my beautiful baby girl (who, by the way, rolled over from her tummy to back today) :-)

Sitting in her exer-saucer all by herself.


She's fascinated by other's faces now.

How can you not smile at that?

Beautiful blue eyes!

Her and her goofy smiles!

I love my beautiful girl!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


A lot has happened during the past week with Autumn. I hope I remember it all :-)

The most recent being that Autumn found her toes the other night. She was sitting on my lap and reached down to touch her toes. So I took off her socks and she started playing with her piggies. Then today when I was changing her diaper, she grabbed her toes and brought them up to her chest. She hasn't rolled over yet, but she knows where her toes are!

Speaking of rolling over. Which I'm still amazed that she hasn't done yet... She has a different way of moving around. She scoots from side to side. I left her on her play mat the other day and quick ran to the bathroom. When I came back, she turned 90 degrees and was playing with new toys. She had a look on her face like "Woah! There's more toys over here!" Haha. She gets so close to rolling over. She gets on her side and then rolls back to whatever position she was in before (tummy or back). Oh well. I don't complain too much because I don't have to worry about her getting into anything yet!

One touchy subject right now is teething... Oh, I so hope the reason why Autumn's been so fussy lately is because she's teething. I can see the white from where her teeth would be. And her gums are kind of raised up, but they're not red or hot yet. She's drooling like crazy and constantly chewing on stuff. She acts like she's hungry, but when I try to nurse her, she pulls away. So I give her my finger or pacifier and she goes to town. She wants to cuddle, but then when she's had enough she let's you know, loudly. She cannot be alone, at all. So I've gotten nothing done around the house. I've tried carrying her, but she won't have that! Sigh. I hope this passes soon. I just feel so bad for her because I don't know what she wants like I used to.

Enjoy some pics of my baby girl!

Smiling at her Grandpa.

Her newest thing... Sucking on her bottom lip.

First time discovering her piggies!