Monday, February 22, 2010

One tough cookie!

Last night was really rough for Autumn and myself. I know that I've mentioned a few times that she was rubbing her left ear a little bit. She wasn't showing any signs of an ear infection. Especially since she was only really rubbing it a little bit at night. I thought it was associated with teething and didn't think much of it. This past weekend she started rubbing it a little more often so I decided to keep an eye on it. If it didn't improve over the weekend, then I was calling her doctor. Last night was definitely the deciding factor for calling her doctor. She slept for 3 hours, then 2, then up every hour from 12am til 6am!!! I was so exhausted and so frustrated (yes, I will admit, I was), but I couldn't even build up enough energy to cry. I knew it was her ear bothering her because every time I laid her down in her crib, she would plant her face into the mattress and leave it there. Normally she would move her head from side to side until she was comfortable. Instead, she would put her hands under her forehead, I'm assuming, so she could breathe! I used to get ear infections a lot as a kid. I remember them very well. Laying down is not fun! So I finally decided that she needed at least a couple hours of good sleep. I brought her upstairs and let her sleep on my chest, while I laid on the couch. We slept for 2 hours. I do love cuddling with her like that, however, I felt so bad that it had to come to that for her to sleep.

As soon as her office opened up, I called and made an appointment that was within the hour. After waiting in the exam room for 40 minutes (UGH!), her pediatrician came in and checked her out. Her lungs sounded great, so no sign of a cold. Checked her right ear and it was perfect. Checked her left ear and it was caved in a little bit with some liquid behind the drum. She stated that it was the possible end of an ear infection.... Seriously?!?! We were both shocked that Autumn went through the ear infection, alone, without meds and no fever! I honestly don't have hardly any pain tolerance at all. Such a big girl! Autumn was prescribed some ear drops that will numb and help dry up any liquid behind the ear drum. She did pretty good when my mom put them in. Nursed and went to sleep. Woke up 2 hours later, but nursed and went right back to bed. I pray that she does better tonight. If not, she's coming upstairs with me sooner :-) I guess next time I know what to look for more so that she doesn't have to wait as long to feel better.

On a happier note. Autumn is now rolling over from back to tummy and is loving it! She did it for my dad first. Haha. She was so close when I was sitting by her, but I had to run and check on Jade outside (to make sure she didn't chase after a squirrel) and while I was in the other room my dad yells "She just rolled over!" :-P Silly girl. She did roll over for me again shortly after. Now, anytime I put her on her back, she'll try to roll over again. It's amazing how fast she's growing up. She's going to be crawling that much sooner!

One very exhausted mommy and one happy baby!

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