Monday, February 15, 2010

Challenge for 2010

I got challenged from a friend of mine to write down 15 things that I want to work for/towards in 2010. I've decided to write them on my blog in hopes that some of my readers will help keep me accountable. I need to put them in a place that I see them everyday so that I can be reminded of what I want to work for/towards. Still debating on that place though :-) I also challenge any of my readers who haven't thought about it to sit down and think of 15 things that you would like to work for/towards for the rest of the year. And, as always, enjoy some pics of my baby girl too!

1. Pay off debt (doing good so far, only 2 more items to go).

2. Work on our budget and establish better spending habits. Don't get me (or Jordan) started on my spending habits... LOL

3. Buy a house (it's so close!)

4. Lose the baby weight and get back into shape before our next baby (it may be sooner than you think!)

5. Run a 5K - I've started doing a "Couch to 5K" program, but being consistent is another story...

6. Cook more meals while I'm living here at my parents. Eventually I won't have the luxury of a wanna-be chef father around when we move out!

7. Eat healthier... Especially since Autumn will be able to start solids soon.

8. Become the wife/mother that God intended for me to be.

9. Do my devotions... EVERYDAY!!!

10. Communication - Avoid bottling up my emotions/feelings... It's not healthy!

11. Find an accountability partner to help keep me in track with my spiritual walk/marriage/motherhood!

12. Rekindle our marriage - Encourage my husband instead of bringing him down.

13. Become more involved with others (outside of facebook).

14. Establish a cleaning routine and stick to it!

15. Manage my time better (instead of sitting in front of the computer all day... UGH!)

Spending quality time with her grandpa!

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