Thursday, February 18, 2010

Such a blessing

Today was an absolute beautiful day! It was sunny, kind of windy, but that didn't stop me from taking Autumn and Jade out for a walk. Sigh, some fresh air is exactly what we needed. Although, Autumn slept the whole time and for an hour after we got home. Ha, nice nap for her! She also went to bed at 7pm tonight. It's only 8pm right now... So I'm not expecting her to sleep longer than a few hours... But it is nice to relax and unwind from my exciting day today :-)

Thursdays are Ming Ten (Chinese/Sushi buffet) days with my Dad and Grandpa for lunch. Autumn and I usually try to go with if we can. This time I ended up taking my Grandpa home afterwards. My Grandpa is old, 80 to be exact. He has Huntington's Disease and doesn't get around very well anymore. So he's usually pushed in a wheel chair if we go anywhere that involves a lot of walking. On the way home, he asked me if we could go to Kmart to get some razors. I suggested that we didn't because I had Autumn with me in her carseat. However, stubborn as he is, he wouldn't take no for an answer. When we got there, I helped him in his wheel chair and went to get Autumn from the car and he asked, "Why don't you just leave her in there?" ....................................... WHAT??!!?!?!?! LOL, oh Grandpa! So I carried Autumn in one arm and pushed Grandpa at the same time. The thing that frustrated me the most is SEVERAL people stopped and stared at me, but no one asked to help. Seriously? It's sad... But we made it, and I won't do it again! :-)

Autumn is showing a huge interest in table food lately. We've been letting her try some stuff here and there. Mostly fruit. She LOVED sucking on a pear the other day. That's my girl (I love pears). Also, while I was getting ready for our walk, I placed a ginger snap cookie in her car seat so that I wouldn't drop it or lose it. Little stinker was sucking on it when I put her car seat in the stroller and put the top down. LOL. I'll be honest, I am nervous about starting her on solids soon. The thing that worries me is not knowing how much she needs to eat or when she's had enough. I don't want to over feed her or under feed her. Is that normal for you first time moms?

Last, but not least (I don't want to make this post too long). Autumn is obsessed with her feet! She's always pulling them up when I change her diaper or give her a bath or just put her on her back in general. She was even able to suck on her toes too. I wish I was that flexible. Ha. She's almost rolling over from back to tummy. She gets on her side and gets stuck, from her arm being in the way, and rolls back. She's only giggled a few times for me and once for Jordan. She's still doing her fake cough when she laughs though. So silly. She loves reaching for things and melted Jordan's heart when she reached for him when he got home from work!

I just love our baby so much!!!

She's almost sitting up by herself.

She puts her whole body into her smile!

"You think you wanna sleep all night mommy?
Think again!"

Spending some quality time with Grandpa!

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