Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today was definitely an interesting day. Just when I thought my pregnancy was fine and I was bragging that I haven't had any problems. LOL. Next time I'm keeping my mouth shut :-)

Went into my doctor's appointment today. Nothing out of the ordinary. Doctor did the Group B test and then checked to see where Autumn's head is. She wasn't really 100% sure. I was hard at the bottom and top of my uterus. So then she checked to see if I was dialated so she could feel her head and I wasn't. So then my doctor ordered an ultra sound just to check to see where her head is. Not a big deal. The ultrasound tech had time to squeeze me in right away, so that worked out great. Found her head right away. It's down, where she's supposed to be. Checked to make sure she's still a girl :-) She is. HAHA. Makes me breath a lot easier now that I have all this pink around the house!!! Then the ultrasound tech started checking the amount of amniotic fluid I had around Autumn. That was cool to watch. After she was finished, she went to my doctor to discuss what she did... Came back in and said that my amniotic fluid was border line with being low. So now I have to rest more (I feel like I'm being lazy as it is) and drink more water!!!! Sheesh. I already pee enough as it is. I'm about ready to go get me some diapers so I can sleep more than 2 hours at night. LOL. I don't think my advice will work for this situation Jen ;-)

So now I'm at my inlaws house. Doing my sister-in-laws hair. Get a call from the doctor's office (but I didn't get to answer it) and they left me a message saying that my doctor wants me to take a non-stress test...not an emergency...but they want me to do it before the weekend. So I call back, the nurse that called me is gone and my doctor is busy. So the nurse that's on the phone has no idea what's going on. They transfer me to scheduling and back to nurses again. AHHHHH!!!!! What's going on?!?! Finally make me an appointment for this afternoon to have the test done. Kinda freaking out. Get there and have the test done. The nurse there asks me if I know why I'm there.... NOPE!!!! But everything looked good. Autumn got a little "hyper" for the machine, but she didn't move as much as she normally does. Tee hee. She'd probably break the machine then! So, now what? No idea. I dunno what my doctor was looking for, but my mom thinks that they were just making sure she's ok in the environment with the border line amniotic fluid that I have going on in there. Now I have another ultra sound for my appointment next week. My goodness!

So that was my exciting day. I didn't really want to post only some of it on facebook so that nobody freaks out. Even though I did a little bit :-) But everything's looking good. Just need to drink more water.... Story of my life! I'll post pictures of my belly tomorrow. God Bless!


  1. I am glad everything worked out! It is scary when things don't go according to "plan"... Can't wait to see your belly pictures! She'll be here before you know it!

  2. Yipes - I'm glad everything is good!!

  3. Get that little girl here safely no matter what!!! Can't wait to come to the hospital and see her!! Hang in there and drink that water!! It is about time we pamper you since you always did it for us at the parties!! Love you!