Sunday, June 28, 2009

28 weeks (and counting)

So I had my 28 week check up (last Thursday, lol) and everything's looking great. The doctor wants me to start counting the number of kicks every day, 3 times a day. Gave me a log to keep track. It's been fun watching the numbers and seeing when she's most active. Definitely got the least painful shot of my life then too. I was all worked up over nothing. SHEESH! I also had an awesome nurse too :-) Autumn's BPM were 144 and my blood pressure was 112/70. Gained weight, LOL... It's so crazy to step on that scale, because I know why I'm gaining it, but I've never weighed this much before. I just have to sigh and say "oh well". It'll go away when she arrives.... Hopefully....

Tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day for me!!!!!!!! My mom and I are going to register for baby stuff. AHHH!!! I can't wait :-D Jordan's super happy that he doesn't have to do it. I had to drag him to do our wedding stuff. Oh well, I'll have tons of fun with my mom! Starting to pick out dates for baby showers. I can't believe I'm due in less than 12 weeks. Wow has time flown by! Three months seems like a long time, but I feel like I just found out I was pregnant. And that was 6 months ago...

Definitely not enjoying this humidity. I think I've taken off my wedding ring for the last time. I never wear them (I have another ring that Jordan gave me while we were dating) at night, because of bad circulation in my hands. They swell up too much and makes my fingers go numb. But with the heat and me being pregnant, I've decided that I shouldn't risk forcing them back on anymore. I'll just get a cheap band and wear that instead. Sigh. Oh the joys of pregnancy ;-)

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