Friday, June 12, 2009

Me? SHY?!?!

I officially believe that my little growing baby (Autumn) is shy!!! Which is not really normal when it comes to Jordan and myself, so it cracks me up. Everytime she's moving and someone wants to feel her, she stops. As soon as they pull their hand away, she starts back up again. The only person she hasn't done that for is, of course, Jordan. My mom is sad. She keeps calling out "I'm here grandbaby, let grandma feel you!" :-) So sweet. Someday mother, someday...


  1. Haha! Leah did that as well, but she is the furthest thing from shy! She's a flirt!!! :) It is funny though!

  2. My mom's coming with me to my glucose testing...I'm pretty sure she'll be able to feel the baby move then!!!