Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Dancing Queen"

The past few days have been fun when it comes to Autumn moving. It's almost been non-stop since Monday. Last night Jordan got to feel her moving, not just kicking and it was hillarious! He didn't know what to think. Part of him was grossed out, but he still thought it was kinda cool. LOL. It's just not normal for him. It's still not normal for me. But I just thought his reactions were funny :-) I am currently 26 weeks (and 1 day) along and not looking forward to the next 2 weeks full of needles and glucose testing... SIGH... Oh well, what can ya do?

I put away all Autumn's baby clothes the other day and it got me thinking... I really hope she doesn't come out as a boy. LOL. It's in the back of my mind every now and then. I've heard stories of babies that were supposed to be a girl, come out a boy. Not that it happens too often, but still, I think about it. That'd be a lot of pink our boy would be wearing. HAHA!

Tuesday night was fun, Red Wings game (sad they lost). But my brother came into town and painted my belly for me. It was funny. I think more because Autumn was moving a lot and Bryan couldn't tell. So then I'd start laughing and he'd get mad cuz I was laughing and shaking my belly. I'm hoping he comes back into town on Friday so that he can paint the Stanley Cup on my belly.
One last final thought. Jordan decided that Autumn isn't "dancing" inside my belly... She's training to be an MMA fighter. Typical, right? LOL

My brother did this pretty much free hand with wax face painting crayons.

Pretty darn good if you ask me!!!

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