Monday, June 8, 2009

1 o'clock blabber.

I just want to say I've been so blessed to have such wonderful friends, family and even clients! I started washing all of Autumn's clothes that I've been receiving from everybody (garage sales are amazing) and I don't think she'll need another outfit for a while! Not that I'm complaining, this is me we're talking about here :-) Just sitting back and appreciating everything that everyone has done so far for us and our baby. My parents have not only bought us a georgous crib, but also a dresser/changing table as well!!! I knew the crib was coming, my mom and I discussed that a long time ago. But my mom surprised me one night with the dresser! LOVE IT!!! I'm super excited now. It's almost torture just staring at it everyday and watch it collect dust. Sigh... Soon enough...

So here I am, writing a blog at 1:40 AM because my restless legs are bothering Jordan. He can't fall asleep when I'm moving around so much. And I can't sit still because it's so incredibly painful!!! Forgot to drink my glass of milk at dinner and this is what I get. Stuck on the computer until I know he's fallen asleep. Poor hubby. Has to put up with me throughout this pregnancy. He just read the other day that my mood swings will get worse in my third trimester... Scared him, just a little. LOL. I'm not all that bad, just more emotional and more tears. Not so much up and down.

Most definitely not looking forward to the next 2 weeks. Sigh, lovely glocouse testing (blood work an all) along with test for antibodies and the rhogam shot at 28 weeks. Can't stand needles! My aunt told me that my fear of needles would get better as the pregnancy progresses.... LIES!!! It's been getting worse for me because there's so many!!! LOL. And there's more to come.

Ok, definitely the drowziness talking now. I wish there was more exciting things to write about. Besides the fact that Autumn is fully aware of where my bladder is and is successful at making me jump at the worse times (like kicking me so hard when I have fries in my hand). Good times Autumn!

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  1. I was terrified of needles before and somewhat during my pregnancy, at the end.. I would watch them put the needle in... it gets better, don't worry. I still don't like them, but am not a nervous wreck before I get them now. Love your blog! Keep it up!! :)