Thursday, July 7, 2011

Washing and Brushing

I am absolutely loving this stage of Autumn's life right now. Yes, it can be a little difficult at times. She is starting to learn that she can push our patience if she wants to. However, just the fact that's she's constantly talking. Putting long sentences together. Understanding conversations between her and myself. It's amazing!

I started encouraging Autumn's independence and control. In the morning I'll ask her what she wants to eat for breakfast and give her 2 options. She usually repeats back both of them. However, I keep repeating them back until she gets really excited about one over the other. The look in her eyes when she actually gets what she "asked" for is amazing. Makes me smile :-) I also have her "pick our her clothes" as well. Same thing, give her a couple of options and she chooses out of those what she wants to wear. She even tries to put the clothes on herself. It's hilarious to watch. She usually ends up getting frustrated and I'll show her how in the end.

Speaking of frustration. It's amazing how you really have to watch what you say around Autumn. I'm really great at not swearing around her. I cut that out when I found out I was pregnant with her. No way I wanted her to learn those words (at an early age, she's gonna find out sooner or later). However, there is one phrase that she caught onto very quickly and it cracks me up... GOOD GRIEF!!! Hahaha. I noticed that about a week ago. She was trying to put on one of her shoes, it didn't work, so she threw her shoe down and said "good grief!" I had to walk away and laugh because it was just too cute coming out of her quiet little voice. So now she says it whenever something doesn't go her way.

Autumn has also become obsessed with washing her hands. Not that I don't mind. Just starting to get a little harder for me to hold Autumn up to the sink everything we need to wash them. I don't let her wash her hands everytime. Otherwise she'd never leave the sink. I even thought about getting her a step stool for our upstairs bathroom. Again, she would never leave the sink. However, her little potty turns into a step stool, so I turned it over for her one day and let her brush her teeth and wash her hands. Guess what? She didn't want to leave the sink. I had to pull her away, crying, or our water bill would be through the roof! She had fun and I enjoy taking some cute pictures.

Put some product in Autumn's hair to "enhance" her curl :-)

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