Monday, July 25, 2011

Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool!

Like I've said before, it's been hot here in Michigan and I've been trying to find ways to keep Autumn entertained while inside. However, it's starting to not be so hot outside anymore. So we filled up Autumn's pool. I didn't want her hanging out in the sun (I didn't feel like putting sunscreen on her at the moment), although, being in the sun might have been a better idea. Poor girl was shivering so much and her lips turned purple. We had to force her out of the pool! Haha. She did enjoy herself thoroughly and especially since daddy was in the pool with her!!! I'm so glad I grabbed my camera because I sure did get some special moments between those two. Autumn's favorite part about the pool with daddy? Sliding down his legs like a slide. You'll see that in one of the pictures. She kept doing it over and over again. Definitely need to get her a slide soon.

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