Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are we crazy?

Yes, we probably are crazy! But that's what makes life interesting :-) Jordan and I agreed that we weren't going to get another dog. A difficult decision, but we're happy with it. What does that say about cats?

Jordan and I aren't HUGE cat fans, but we do like them (me more than Jordan). Jordan's grown up with cats and I had 1 that I had to give away (she didn't agree with my parent's dog when I moved back home). One of my best friends (Jen) ended up getting 2 kitties as "outdoor" cats to help with their snake problem (she lives in Myrtle Beach). Jordan and I have been following her kitty journey, somewhat interested, and intrigued. Jordan, however, was fascinated with their kitty "observation area" that Jen's husband, Cavan, ended up building for them (check out her blog here to see what Cavan built). Did that mean he asked for us to have kittens? No. He just liked what Cavan did to their house :-)

A couple of days later a friend of mine texted me and said that someone had dropped off a box of 4 kittens and was curious if I knew anybody that wanted one. I figured, why not ask Jordan, just see what he says. I was a little surprised by his response... He asked what they looked like... He then looked at the picture I was given and said "I like the one on the left." Haha. I told him 1) if we get a kitten, I absolutely cannot change the liter box (he agreed) and 2) if we get one kitten, we're getting two. So they have each other to play with. He again, agreed. He said that kittens/cats are easier to take care of than dogs and he didn't mind having his own.

Again, Jordan grew up with cats, but they were never really "his" cats. The cats always seemed to attach themselves to Jordan's mom and ended up hating him in the end. I'm hoping that it'll be a different situation here, since I'm not a "cat whisperer" like Jordan's mom is. Hehe.

So here we are. Our family of 4 quickly turned into a family of 6. We are thoroughly enjoying our little kitties. I took them to the vet to get a checkup and they're in relatively good shape (for being drop-offs). Just a little bacteria in their eyes that will go away with antibiotics and eye drops. A little deworming and back next week for their first shots. We're not 100% sure how old they are, but the vet and I agreed to go with 9 weeks.

Autumn is doing pretty well with the kitties. She's rough on them, poor things. We constantly have to remind her not to pick them up, throw them, kick them or sit on them. Haha. But she's learning and I have to remind her less and less as the days pass on. She sure loves her kitties though!

Jade is adjusting better than we thought. She was definitely super excited when we first introduced them. Lou (our male, tiger kitty) was afraid of Jade and would hiss at her. Now he doesn't mind Jade as much. Libby (our female, calico kitty) could care less. She's definitely our curious and rambunctious one of the two.



Autumn does not like the kitties on her chair
(which is fine by me).

PS ~ Jordan already has a "cat condo" plan in his head for around our window... Hehe :-)

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