Friday, July 22, 2011


I've been trying to come up with creative ideas to keep Autumn entertained during the day (since it's been too hot outside). One thing that never gets old... coloring. Even I love to color! Now, I haven't been able to finish any page that I start because Autumn takes it over, but that's just the fun of it :-)

One thing that I've been enjoying when it comes to coloring is drawing shapes and having Autumn recognize them. She already knows triangles, circles, squares and even a hexagon (thanks to my mom, hehe). I started working on numbers, she knows what they are but doesn't know which is which yet. But just the fact that I even draw a number and she knows what it could be is awesome. Thinking about making some flash cards and working on letters with her as well.

I also found a book (not sure where I got it from) with 365 ways to keep your toddler busy (The Busy Book). Definitely going to be opening that up today!

Libby is starting to look better.

This is what Lou thinks about coloring.

Libby is curious with what Autumn's doing.

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