Thursday, July 21, 2011

The countdown begins...

Had my last "monthly" OB appointment today. Now I start going every 2 weeks until September. Ugh, that's just going to make these next couple of months fly by that much faster :-/ I feel so unprepared for Kaelyn's arrival. I know I have 9 weeks left (give or take) but it feels like there's not enough time. Sigh. I just wish I could snap my fingers and her room would be ready. That's all.

Today's appointment was definitely a little more exciting than other appointments. This is the first time that my uterus wasn't measuring like it's "supposed" to be. I was measuring at 29 inches (or weeks) when I'm actually 31. My doctor said that they usually like you to be within a couple of inches; but if that doesn't change by my next appointment, then she's going to order an ultra sound to make sure that everything's ok in there. Goodness :-P

My doctor also took a look over the rest of my charts just to see what else was in there and she noticed the notes about my Mitral Valve Prolapse (or MVP). For those of you who don't know what this is, feel free to check out this website to kind of get some background information on it. But basically this is important because I had to have antibiotics while I was in labor (just before delivery) and anytime I go to the dentist or surgery. Well, apparently my doctor's think that things have changed and that they don't require that anymore. And since it's been almost 10 years since my last appointment with the cardiologist, she figured that I should have it checked out and see what the recommendations are for the remainder of my pregnancy (and future ones). So now I have to go to the cardiologist in a couple of weeks. I know I still have MVP, I can feel it often. I'm just curious if they're gonna make me have antibiotics still or not...

Everything else is looking good. I got recommended to take Tums twice a day to help with my Restless Leg Syndrome (which is worse this pregnancy) and that doesn't bother me any because I have horrible heartburn as well. Oh the things we go through to have beautiful children :-) Enjoy my survery!

How far along? 31 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Gained only 17 lbs so far. Woo hoo!
Maternity clothes? Is there anything else to wear? :-P
Stretch marks? Getting new ones... Around my previous belly button piercing... Now why did I get that again?!
Sleep: I'm definitely sleeping better this pregnancy (thanks to our tempurpedic bed), I am starting to wake up to use the bathroom more often though... Sigh.
Best moment this week: I always enjoy watching Kaelyn move. She's crazy in there!
Movement: Anytime I sit down, even for mere minutes, she's moving. Which is definitely reassuring to me. However, sometimes a little uncomfortable (tap dancing on my bladder).
Food cravings: Cool Ranch Doritos!
Gender: It's a girl!!!
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button in or out? Yup, it's an outie.
What I miss: Being able to fall asleep right away. My restless leg syndrome is worse this pregnancy :-(
What I am looking forward to: Finishing Kaelyn's room!!!
Weekly Wisdom: God is in control. I have to put my faith in this pregnancy in Him and trust that it's in His will.
Milestones: Reached the single digits for how many weeks are left in this pregnancy. Yikes!
Realization of the week: My next appointment is in August... I'm due in September... I NEED TO FINISH KAELYN'S ROOM!!!!!!! :-P

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