Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rain Rain, Go Away

I am so blessed to have a grandmother that lives close by. Or should I say that I moved close to my grandmother. Hehe. She's so incredibly helpful when it comes to watching Autumn. She absolutely enjoys having Autumn around and always tells Autumn to come back again soon (whenever we leave).

Today I had my grandma watch Autumn while I took our kitties to the vet (follow up appointment and first round of shots). After picking Autumn up from my grandma's she starting saying "chugga chugga, choo choo!" So I asked her if it was a train and she said "from Dora" Hehe. Autumn absolutely loves Dora :-) Then later at lunch time Autumn starting singing "eain rain, go away", then I would say "xome again some other day" and she shouted "YAY!". Haha. So I had to call my grandma to see what was going on at her house this morning... Apparently, the episode of Dora that Autumn watched was about trains and then Sesame Street was about a rain cloud inside the house. Haha, I love it. My grandma was shocked that Autumn was even paying attention and caught on to something like that. She's so smart.

It's been hot here in Michigan. I am so incredibly grateful for my handy husband who fixed our air conditioner last week. I would definitely be spending the week at my parent's if we didn't have air. However, Autumn was getting a little anxious and naughty being cooped up inside a lot lately. So after dinner we went outside to water the flowers. Autumn immediately found the large mound of dirt we have in our yard and started playing in it. Not a big deal, until she ran into the water I was using. Mud everywhere! She wasn't a fan (I have a girly girl on my hands here) and asked me to wash her off. We then spent the next half hour running around the yard and getting Autumn wet with the hose. She loved it! I wish I could have taken pictures. However, Jordan is in Pennsylvania for the week and I wasn't about to use my camera and the hose at the same time :-P So just imagine Autumn, diaper only, soaking wet and muddy while finding all the dirt spots she can and attempting to put it on mommy. (PS - Autumn passed out in bed at 7:30. Hasn't moved an inch since...)

One stage that I haven't been looking forward to is the "Terrible Twos". We officially have begun that stage in Autumn's life. There's been times where it's definitely entertaining to watch Autumn act the way she does. Mostly because it's how I act sometimes. Other times I just want to put an ad on craigslist for "Free Cranky Child" (totally kidding). It hits her the hardest when she's tired or when it involves the kitties. She just wants to love them, a little too much. She is getting better and I find that I'm telling her less and less to be careful around them. Expect... when she's tired. I pray that this stage doesn't last long, even though I do understand why they go through it. It's just been hard since Jordan won't be home til Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. I'm definitely grateful for a husband who is willing to help me out with Autumn in the evening and give me time to breathe. I am definitely not cut out to be a single mom :-)

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