Monday, November 2, 2009

Thumbs up!

This morning Autumn found her hands! She was laying down on my legs and brought her hand up to her mouth and starting sucking. Eventually her thumb found its way into her mouth and she sucked on that for a few seconds. It was so cute and I was so glad to get it on camera! She even did it again when I was changing her later (after she soaked through yet another diaper... UGH!)

Speaking of diapers. I'm really sick of my gdiapers. I thought they were such a neat idea with the whole biodegradable/disposable inserts. However, they don't hold that much for as much as my little girl pees! It seems like I have to change her outfit almost after every nap. Today was the worst, she completely soaked through the front and got wet half way up her belly. So, last week I had enough and ordered some cloth diapers from bumgenius. I've heard a lot of great things about this diapers! I didn't get them at first because when I checked the price, they seemed to expensive. However, getting the gdiapers, I'm almost spending as much as I would on disposable diapers. And I'm all about saving money! I also got the gdiapers for Jordan too. He was not a huge fan on cloth diapers, but he's only changed her diaper twice since she's been home from the hospital! And cloth diapers are less messy than the gdiapers (because you have to take out the insert and throw them away or flush them). So when I researched the bumgenius diapers again, I noticed that they came down in price (almost the same as the gdiaper shells) and you only have to pay 1 upfront cost. PERFECT! I don't mind washing diapers at all either, because I'm doing it anyways with the gdiaper shells, since she pees through them almost every diaper change. I should receive the bumgenius diapers either tomorrow or wednesday. So I will let you know what I think about them :-)

Also, Autumn's starting to talk/coo a lot more often and to a lot more people. She'll almost always give everyone a smile. Especially mommy and grandma :-) But my dad just came home for lunch and talked with Autumn while I was eating my lunch. It was so cute. Just melts my heart the way she's interacting with me and my family more often! I just love my baby girl!

Please enjoy some pictures from Autumn's new find today!

"Ooo, that's different!"

Next came the thumb...

And it found its way into her mouth :-)

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