Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Autumn had her first holiday ever yesterday! We went to my aunt's house in Fremont for the Davis get-together. Autumn did better than I expected... I thought she was going to be super overwhelmed and scream the whole time, but she didn't. She slept the whole way there (over an hour drive) and slept the whole way back. She didn't get a good nap while we were there, so she was a little fussy. She didn't mind being passed around a little bit, as long as she wasn't looking at them. LOL. She had to have mommy in her view at ALL times! But also she didn't get to bed til about 1 am this morning. UGH! Power nursing up until then. She did, however, sleep until after 9 am. So I'm not complaining about that one bit ;-)

I know, it'll be no time before Autumn's rolling over! She's starting to push off with her right foot (while she's on her back) and has half of her butt off the ground. Such a big girl! I know they roll from their tummy to their back first, but it's just amazing to watch her exercise herself like that.
We had our Christmas pictures taken this past Sunday. I can't wait to show you guys pictures. I'll post them on here as soon as I get them. I've been so busy doing hair lately, I haven't had much time to sit down and relax for myself. It's nice to have the whole day to myself today!

I hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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