Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blondes have more fun!

Autumn's starting to grow hair on the top of her head again and it's coming in THICK and BLONDE!!!! So there goes my redhead theory. LOL. She's starting to talk more on a regular basis, especially when I'm changing her diapers. And she's finally sleeping (during the day) in her crib and not upstairs by me. Yeah, I'll admit, it drove me crazy at first. But now I'm enjoying it more.

I finally gave up on my gDiapers this weekend. They were a disaster with her leaking through them almost every changing and getting expensive with multiple sizes and the inserts. So I switched to bumgenius and I'm loving them like crazy already! I love the night-time insert that holds SOOO much that her little bum feels dry after a changing. And they're so gosh darn cute! I think I might have to steal Jen's post on Cloth Diapering 101 once I get things going. HAHA. Yes Jen, your blog post did make me switch and I'm so glad! I even love her oversized cloth bum :-) Also, this may sound crazy, but I absolutely love doing laundry, so washing cloth diapers doesn't bother me one bit.

Sorry, no pictures today :-( I'll take some once her cradle cap on her face goes away. Silly girl. LOL

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  1. thick and blonde eh? i can't wait to see her!