Friday, June 24, 2011

What to do?

Friends, I need your help! My brother called me yesterday and said that my parent's neighbor wants to know if we want to take their dog...

Here is what my thoughts are. I absolutely love this dog. She's beautiful, young and wasn't given much attention or exercise from her owners. They left her on a leash all day outside. She would run away from them when she had a chance and would try to pull away from me when I went to bring her back. She's been around Autumn and Jade several times (we used to let her in the house when she got away) and even though she's a little puppy hyper, it wasn't horrible.

The cons... Autumn just got bit by another dog. I'm still horrified by that idea and Jordan and I said we weren't going to get another dog because of it. More dog food to go through, we'll have to get a dog cage because she's still young and could chew up stuff. I enjoy gardening outside with Autumn and Jade (who doesn't run away and will stay on command).

A little background about her. She's a Native American Indian dog. Kind of like a husky, but a little less hyper. Still higher energy, needs a firm owner (which we are) and exercise. I think she's just under a year old. And the reason why they want to find her a new home is because they don't give her the time and energy that she needs. They came to my brother first because we have shown interest to these neighbors before that we want their dog.

So please, I need some external advice from you guys. I really would love to take her. I've wanted her since I first met her, but I'm honestly scared. Or, is this why God had Kallie bite Autumn? So we could have the dog we've always wanted? I wish I knew the answer...

(The pic was taken during one of her many visits to my parent's house).

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  1. Just say no!!! You will be having a baby soon! You don't need an added stressor!

  2. I would say that if you are hesitant at all, then maybe this is not the time to add another (doggie) member to your family. Don't forget, you are in the process of adding another human to your family right now. It might not be the right time to take in a puppy who is needing lots of time and energy- you don't know what the rest of your pregnancy holds, what your postpartum recovery will be like, what level of needs your newborn will have, or how Autumn will respond to having a sister yet. It's really tempting, I know, to take in an animal that needs a home, but it would perhaps be better for the puppy to have a home with humans whose family situation isn't already in transition. That's just my immediate reaction to what you're asking. Obviously you know more about your family than I do, but it sounds like you're a bit nervous about this prospect, or you wouldn't be asking for advice. ;)

  3. I think she would be a great family dog but it would be you having to put a ton more energy out cause you will have 2 little ones and a new dog along with and old one. my doggie advise is give her tons of dog bones to chew inside her cage and outside. tons of obedience training when you go outside use a long leash tied to you and then she can play a bit but has to follow you whenever you leave but can be partially her idea. just some thoughts. hope this helps. love ya Emmy V