Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And the survery says...

How far along? 23 weeks and 6 days
Total weight gain/loss: Ugh, I think I've only gained 8 lbs so far. I forgot where I started. LOL
Maternity clothes? Definitely maternity pants. Kaelyn sits way too low for me to wear bella bands on anything non maternity. I can't stand the pressure on my uterus!
Stretch marks? No new ones, but old ones are getting darker.
Sleep: I have officially begun the "uncomfortable" stage of sleep. I really miss sleeping on my stomach and my RLS are keeping me (and Jordan) up at night. I have to attempt to reposition myself in the middle of the night. Then when I sleep on my back, Kaelyn kicks me to let me know that she's not ok with it.
Best moment this week: Having another ultrasound and seeing Kaelyn wave at me :-)
Movement: She moves for me a lot during the day and crazy at night. Jordan and I love watching her make my belly move.
Food cravings: Pickles... :-)
Gender: It's a girl!!!
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button in or out? Yup, it's an outie.
What I miss: Being able to fall asleep right away. My restless leg syndrome is worse this pregnancy :-(
What I am looking forward to: Seeing if Kaelyn will really look like me (my mom and I were comparing ultra sound pictures between her and Autumn and we think she'll look like me, hehe).
Weekly Wisdom: God is in control. I have to put my faith in this pregnancy in Him and trust that it's in His will.
Milestones: I only gained 2 1/2 lbs in the last month. That made me super excited because I gained way too much weight with Autumn. Yay for long walks!!!
Realization of the week: I am going to have a 2 year old and a newborn in less than 4 months. AHHHHHH :-D

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