Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Today Autumn and I had the lovely privilege of meeting my dear friend Angie and her two beautiful kids (Declan and Molli) at Frederik Meijer Gardens today. Autumn had a BLAST in the butterfly green house! I carried her in my baby carrier and she just kicked her legs and looked wide-eyed at anything she could look at! I wish I could have taken pictures inside the green house, but my camera lense fogged up and I couldn't get clear pictures at all :-( I saw other people there with cameras like mine... I should have asked them why their lense wasn't foggy... Angie and I go way back to high school. We're so crazy together and it's CRAZY how we're both married and have kid(s) now! It's sad that she lives out of state, but I love getting together with her whenever I can :-D

Last night was amazing (for Autumn). She slept 9 1/2 hours last night! I am just so happy that she's feeling better and starting to sleep longer again at night. What cracked me up was she was completely turned 180 in the crib when she woke up in the middle of the night. So her head was facing the opposite direction from when I first laid her down. I don't know how... Silly goober! She has been doing so great with naps too. I don't have to comfort her anymore when I lay her down. She either falls asleep right away or will get there within 5 minutes. It helps with my daily routine so much when she does that! I have gotten so many things done and I don't feel like my day is a waste anymore.

We are officially baby proofing our house now. Autumn has now figured out that she can get from once side of the room to the other by rolling over. She's not super fast, but she figured it out :-) I love the look in her eyes when she figures out something like that herself! She's so proud and with some amazement too. I feel like she really aged herself by doing that. She really is 5 months now! She's also really close to sitting up by herself. I usually sit on the floor with her and let her sit up in between my legs. So she'll balance herself every now and then, but otherwise she's doing great. I gave her a bath today sitting up in the sink. It was definitely different, I really had a good grip on her, but a lot easier than the little tubby now. She likes to grab her feet a lot which makes her rock back and forth in the tubby and just startles me a lot.

I finally started my Couch to 5K program this week. And I feel GREAT! It's been wonderful outside. Walking and jogging a lot. I'm really looking forward to getting into shape again. I walked 4 miles with a friend yesterday (pushing strollers) and today my knee is really bothering me. Just sharp pain whenever I walk or bend it. I'm wondering if I should wear a knee brace or something when I walk now.

Well, I typed enough for a while. Enjoy pics of my beautiful little girl!

Such a happy face.

Spending some quality time with her daddy!

Loves her new high chair!


I'm still amazed by how beautiful my baby girl is :-)

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