Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted and it's been driving me crazy. I ended up selling my desktop to my sister so that I could buy my own laptop (a month or so ago), but other, more important things kept getting in the way of getting a laptop. So I've been using other people's laptops and lucky have been able to post pictures online, but it's not the same like having your own. So now I can update regularly and keep adding pictures of my beautiful baby girl (who's growing up so fast).

This year has been life changing for Jordan and myself. January 15th, 2009 is when we found out our lives would never be the same. However, we couldn't have been more blessed and in awe with Autumn arriving and being in our lives. We can't imagine a world without her and are so blessed to have a happy, healthy, and beautiful little girl. I still sit and stare at her and can't believe that she's here. My heart still melts everytime she smiles and breaks whenever she cries. I never imagined a love like this before and it's the greatest feeling in the world. It's really changed my relationship with Jordan for the better. I love him more and care about him like crazy! He's so supportive and understanding now. He's definitely becoming more patient (as am I) and the love he has for Autumn is just amazing! He keeps talking about how he can't wait for Autumn to come running up to him with her arms wide open!!! He's going to be a great daddy :-)

Christmas was amazing this year. I promised myself I wouldn't go overboard with Autumn and I did. LOL. I just kept buying one thing here and there. Haha. We decided that in the years following we're only gonna buy our kids 3 gifts each. The reasoning is because Jesus only received 3 gifts from the Wisemen. We want to encourage our kids to give rather than receiving. I want them to get excited (like I do) to give others a gift that they picked out or made themselves. Christmas can be such a selfish time for a lot of people and I don't want our kids to go down that path. I'm also going to start a tradition of opening one gift Christmas eve, from myself, and that gift will be pjs that you wear that night. One of my friends did that with her family and I thought it was such a neat idea. That's another thing I've been thinking about... Santa. Not sure what I want to do about that. I don't remember believing in Santa, but my parents said that I did. Do I want to encourage it or just let the kids decide whether or not they want to? Such choices!

I don't want to make this post too long. So please enjoy some pictures that I've been neglecting for a while :-)

Autumn in her Christmas outfit that I love so much
(and spent too much money on).

Her new Exer-saucer she got from Grandma Baldwin for Christmas.

She's really great at holding up her head now!

Her snow suit that's way too big. LOL

I love my baby girl <3

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  1. She's growing into such a beautiful little girl, I cannot believe how old she looks in the pictures!