Monday, December 21, 2009

Reaching for the Stars

First of all, let me state that my little girl is getting so big! I went and had her weighed today at Baby Beloved and she's 13 lbs 10 oz. She gained almost 2 lbs in a month. You go girl!!! She sure loves mommy's milk! Now if only I can get her to take a bottle so that I can go to the T.S.O. concert on January 2nd... Any suggestions? I've tried 2 different types of bottles, Dr. Browns and one I special ordered online that's shaped like a woman's chest. I don't mind that Autumn won't take a bottle, except when I want to go out on occasions such as this one coming up. Especially since the concert is during a time when she power nurses the most. She refuses to take a pacifier too (which I don't mind) but it definitely doesn't help the situation very much.

Autumn is absolutely obsessed with her hands now. She's constantly bringing them up to her face and sucking on them, a lot. I'm constantly wipping her face off from all the slobber she wipes all over. She's really starting to reach out for toys and grabs them with her hands. I gave her a hard rattle once and she grabbed it right away and very quickly brought it to her face. LOL. Definitely gave her quite the scare. She definitely does not fancy that toy any more :-)

So the last post I state that I wasn't going to go over loading on toys for Christmas.... HAHA. I don't know what I was thinking at that time. Everytime I go out I get her a new toy or book. It's so much fun shopping for her even though she won't even remember it, let alone be able to open the gifts herself. But I'm still so very excited!

We had our first Christmas get-together with the VanSpronsen family (Jordan's mom's family) on Sunday. Autumn did pretty good. She won't take a nap in an unfamiliar place, so she took a short nap on me. She did let a few people hold her without getting upset, but she had to make sure she could see me at all times. She got a cute little stuffed squirrel from her Great-Grandma VanSpronsen that I hope Jade doesn't confuse for her own toy. That's another thing I've been dealing with. Jade's so used to having her own squeeky toys to play with, but now Autumn's toys are starting to squeek and make noise and Jade doesn't know what to do. It's hilarious! She'll sniff it and gentlely try to bite it and look at me to make sure it's okay with me first. Such a polite dog.

Autumn had her 3 month pictures taken this past Saturday by Kyle Bultman. She did such an amazing job and looked so pretty in front of the Christmas tree. Kyle had the pictures back to me that night and I was able to order Christmas cards. Yes, I know I'm a little late. But better late than never. Even got Jade to pose so nice next to Autumn. Had to bribe her with a toy I got her for Christmas, but I quickly put it away after we were done with the pictures.

I currently can't add any pictures today because my mom's laptop went down the drain and I can't add any pictures on my dad's laptop for now. I'll post double next time!!!

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