Friday, December 11, 2009


I find it hard these days to actually sit down and update my blog. I apologize for my followers who like to keep up on little Autumn's life. My little girl demands so much of my time right now. Not that I'm complaining or anything! :-) I really do enjoy spending every waking moment with her. She's just growing up so fast and I especially don't want to miss a thing. I am starting to give her some alone play time. That usually lasts about 15 minutes, two or three times a day. She really enjoys the new play mat Jordan and I got for her. I wasn't planning on getting one because Jordan's mom is getting her an exersaucer for Christmas, but I've noticed that she's getting bored with her toys on her bouncy seat (already). So time for something new and exciting!

Autumn's been checking out her hands a lot lately. Really studying them!! I love it when she's sitting on my lap and starts feeling me with her hands. It's so cute! I love her little hands and feet :-) Especially since she doesn't have my ugly toes. Haha. I saw her grab for a toy once, but it hasn't happened since. She does swipe at the toys a lot and likes to watch them move. She also loves to sit in her swing now and generally will fall asleep in it (which I don't mind).

I've slowly began to accept that Autumn is a cat napper. It is difficult if I want to get stuff done because she just loves to have face-to-face time with me. So now I find that I just have to tackle 1 chore at a time each day. I try not to carry her around with me because I go up and down the stairs a lot and that makes me nervous (since I'm extremely clumsy). Autumn probably would take a longer nap if she slept on me, but I don't want her to get used to the idea of sleeping on somebody. That just has bad news written all over it. Although, I don't mind a few cuddle sessions every once in a while. I just love how Autumn will just melt right into me when I lay her on my chest. Sigh! I know this won't last forever once she starts moving around. So I cherish every moment I have with her being this little!

I'm actually very surprised that I'm not going over board on Christmas gifts for Autumn this year. I think it's because my mom and grandma have been having WAY too much fun for buying her gifts. So I'm gonna just let them go crazy right now! Cheaper for me ;-) I'm definitely looking forward to Christmas morning though! It'll be a lot of fun this year, even though Autumn won't remember it!

Last, but not least, I don't remember if I mentioned this or not. Autumn's been starting to talk and coo a lot these days. Especially in the morning. She's really quiet, it's so cute. Her soft little voice. She also turns her head a lot, away from the person, when she smiles. So I have a feeling she might be shy. We will see. Please enjoy some pictures taken the other day (now that the camera batteries are charged again).

Autumn love her new little play mat with the froggie that sings!

It's kind of blurry, but she's been bringing her hands up to her face a lot these days!

Autumn talking to herself :-)


  1. I was hoping you did, since there's frogs on it. If you didn't, I was gonna buy it for you :-)