Friday, October 9, 2009

3 weeks

I can't believe my baby is going to be 3 weeks old (tomorrow) already! It's absolutely amazing how much she's growing right before my eyes!

Autumn lost her cord, which is nice cuz now I can start using my gDiapers. She's starting to smile at everyone else in my family. She's been smiling at me since she was 2 days old (just like I did for my mom). But it's so cute to listen to my family giggle everytime she smiles at them.

Autumn's really into faces now. Really likes to study everyone's face, especially when you're talking to her. It won't be long before she starts "talking" back to us. She made a few cooing noises to me today, just made my heart melt! Another thing I'm curious about is her hair color. Some of her pictures she looks like she has red hair and her eyelashes look red too. I would LOVE to have a redhead :-) That's just one less child I have to do hair color too (LOL). I will NOT change Autumn's hair if she's a redhead. NEVER!!! ;-)

Breastfeeding is going amazing! I love it more and more everyday (not so much at night, LOL). Autumn wakes up about every 3 hours to eat. I'm trying to keep her awake and interested more during the day and not so much at night. She has her good nights and her "mommy won't stop crying cuz she's so tired" nights. But I think I found the trick last night. If she wants to stay awake during the night, I just put her in the bouncy seat and sit online for a while. That way I'm near her, but not engaging and encouraging her to stay awake. Last night she went to sleep within 30 minutes versus an hour and a half like other night. So we'll see if this works!

I hope you enjoy some pictures :-)

I like to call this her "HALLELUIA" pose :-)

Her first bath in her bathtub (not so sure about it).

Checking out mommy's face.

Daddy loves cuddling with his baby!


  1. Shes totally yours ;) I hope she keeps that hair color too, but sadly my baby's changed. They change soooo much from their first moments don't they? Looking different each day. I loooove smiles. So glad your doing well with mommyhood!

  2. She's adorable!! I hope to see you guys soon!!