Saturday, October 24, 2009

5 weeks

My baby is 5 weeks old today. Last night was her first night in her own crib. She did pretty good. Woke up 30 min after I put her down, crying, so I picked her up and patted her to sleep and she slept again til she was hungry. She did fine the rest of the night, but I was a nervous wreck! So paranoid that I couldn't hear here through the monitor and making sure that she was still breathing. LOL. Silly mommy.

Autumn's also starting to talk to herself. Yesterday while I was changing her diaper, she starting cooing and ahhing to herself. It was so cute! But everytime we tried to record it, she stopped. Of course! It's amazing how fast she's growing. I find that I'm loving my little girl more and more everyday. Especially when I pick her up from a nap and she smiles right away. Sigh! Melts my heart!!!

Got my 6 week postpartum check up next week Friday. I'm curious to see how much baby weight I've lost and if I can start working out. Jordan and I are gonna try the P90X workout. I'm excited and ready to get back into my normal jeans. That's very frustrating right now. Still in my maternity pants, but they're too big! Definitely can't fit into my old jeans. Oh well, that's life.

Before I show off some pictures, I've got a funny story... The other night I was out doing a men's haircut and I left Autumn at home with my dad (quick haircut, didn't need to bring her along since she was sleeping). On my way home I texted my dad to see how she was doing and he texted back saying that she was starting to wiggle. A couple of minutes later my milk let down, making my "girls" all tingly. At that moment I picked up my phone and my dad texted me saying "MOMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" because Autumn was hungry and crying. It was amazing how in-tuned I am to my baby girl even though I was miles away! Made my day :-)

Now I hope you enjoy some pictures I took of Autumn on her 1 month birthday!

Posing next to her teddy bear that her great grandpa VanBall gave her!

Look at those long toes!

Got a half smile out of that one :-)

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  1. shes so cute! and dont be sad, alex ALWAYS stops whatever cute thing hes doing when a camera or video cam is in sight, ugh :( but yeah, shes CUTE! :)