Thursday, January 6, 2011

Horrible Blogger

I will admit, I was a horrible blogger last month! Autumn's been switching over to a one nap schedule and not to mention that I was double and triple booked with clients up until Christmas. It's nice to finally sit down and do nothing while Autumn's napping :-)

Christmas was absolutely wonderful this year! Autumn really got into opening her gifts and appreciating what she got. We even got her to say "thank you" several times. I think everything was laid out perfectly before us at every event. Even though Autumn napped in the car several times. But I really enjoyed how excited she was to play with her new toy, then she'd get bored of it, but just in time to open her next gift. Then after all the gifts were opened, she'd go back to gift number one and start all over again. It was hilarious!!! Just like her birthday, she got a nice combination of clothes and toys... Keep it up family!!

Just before Christmas Autumn had her 15 month appointment. Of course, she did really well and didn't surprise her pediatrician how advanced she is in everything. Autumn weighed 21 lbs 12 oz and is 32 1/4 inches long (so tall)!!! Her head circumference is, and always has been, in the 95th percentile. It's because she has all those brains that make her so smart. LOL. She was not a fan of the 5 shots she ended up getting. I felt so bad. She almost passed out because she wasn't breathing. I kept blowing and blowing in her face and she wasn't taking a breath. Finally I got right in her eyes and blew with all my might and she finally inhaled! Oh man, poor thing. I feel so bad, but it's for the better....

According to the pediatrician, Autumn should be saying around 4 - 6 words right now. I didn't realize how many words she actually knows and says until I sat down and thought about it. She says ma-ma/mommy, da-da/daddy, ba-ba (grandpa), na-na (grandma), dog, kitty, love you, thank you, baby, bear... (I know there's more, and I'll add them as I remember them)... not to mention all the animal sounds that she knows too. She knows the sounds for dog, cat, cow, horse, pig, sheep, and elephant. She even recognizes every animal from her Noah's Ark collection I got her. I will set all the animals in front of her and ask her to find this animal or this animal and she will. She may pick up another animal first, look it over, put it down and then show me the actual animal in the end. I love watching her brain at work!

We're still working on the baby sign language and she's getting better everyday! She'll even show me signs that I didn't even know she knew. I'm really working on having her say "please" whenever she can and now I almost done have to ask anymore. I especially like her signing at dinner when she's "all done". I really helps me determine if she's really done or just playing with her food before she eats it.

I'm also noticing that her frustration is starting to show through. She's be working at stacking something or putting shapes into a specific hole. If it doesn't work at first, she'll throw it down. However, I've noticed that she'll sit and look at it for a minute, then try again! She's such an observer! Ever since she was born. She likes to analyze things and issues, especially people, before she either approves or moves forward. I hope she carries this throughout the rest of her life. Maybe she'll learn to think before she speaks or acts (not if she's my daughter, HAHA).

I have a few other stories I want to share, but I'm gonna save that for another post. This one is already getting too long. My goal for this year is to update my blog, twice a week. I'm hopefully taking my camera in next week to get it looked at. That way I can update with more pictures. For now, I have to steal my sister's camera in order to get the pictures she took from Christmas... I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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