Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bath Nights

I absolutely cannot get over how much Autumn loves to go down for a nap and bedtime. It makes me smile. Everytime I ask her if she wants to go "na-night", she gets super excited, yells "na-night" and will come up to me with her arms up! Now if she'd only sleep through the night ;-)

I'm starting to give Autumn a bath every night now. It helps keep the smell of her little bum down from her night time diaper. Last night I couldn't give her a bath because Jordan and I were gone at his work party. My mom ended up giving Autumn her bath instead. My mom mentioned that she told Autumn that it was time to take a bath. So, Autumn started walking towards the stairs that lead to the upstairs bathroom (she's so smart). However, my mom needed her pjs and a night time diaper, so she quickly ran downstairs to get them. Next thing she hears is Autumn at the top of the basement stairs yelling "AHHHH!!!". Apparently Autumn wasn't very happy that Grandma went downstairs instead of upstairs. Hehehehe. So my mom followed Autumn to the stairs going up to the bathroom and into the tub :-)

I love this girl!

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