Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flu Bug

It's official... Autumn got her first spout of the stomach flu last week. I felt so bad. She didn't understand what was going on. It wasn't horrible. I don't want to go into too much detail, but she recovered quickly. Started in the middle of the night and was chugging water before 11am. She was a trooper! Daddy got sick next and I only had a little bit of it. Which was great because keeping up with Autumn is hard enough healthy, let alone sick.

Autumn is still working on her molars. Three out of the 4 have now broken skin, so hopefully it's easier from here. I've been having to give her some meds at night to help her sleep, and tonight I decided to give her any to see how she does. She feel asleep without it! So far, so good :-)

Well, back to the flu. Haha. Since I ended up getting a little dehydrated (not much), but enough to knock down my milk supply a little bit... I decided to start weaning Autumn. It's a little bit harder, for me, than I thought it would be. Autumn is amazing! So right now, she only nursing at night, before she goes to bed. I took away her morning nursing (right when she wakes up) about a month ago. After I got the flu, I decided to take away her afternoon nap nursing (right before she goes down for a nap). The afternoon nap was harder for me to take away. I almost cried. But I reminded myself that I am about to achieve my goal. My goal was to nurse Autumn til she was 18 months old. She's only 16 months old now, but by the time I take away her bedtime nursing, she'll be 18 months. I absolutely loved my bonding time with Autumn. It's amazing! I've also been able to keep her so healthy for so long. I will say this, it's definitely getting easier for me to give her a bottle in the afternoon. It's not the same, but I thank God for all the wonderful months of nursing that He has given me with Autumn.

Ok, I won't lie... American Idol is on. I'll update more later ;-)

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