Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Braxton Hicks

Most definitely the weirdest thing I've felt so far this pregnancy. Last night I was just minding my own business on the computer and randomly felt really tight all over my belly. So I ran to my mom to show her and she just giggled and said "oh, you're having a contraction!" I thought they hurt!!! But then she explained it to me what a Braxton Hicks was and yeah, interesting. I love having a mom for a nurse. She's definitely made this pregnancy a lot easier and more knowledgable for me! It's kinda funny that there's a lot of questions I'd rather ask my mom than my own doctor. I guess it's because my mom is right here and my doctor is 2 weeks away. LOL.

Oh, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but my mom FINALLY got to feel my baby kick!!! :-) Oh yes, she's very excited now. She was beginning to think that her grandbaby didn't like her. Hehe. I had Jordan do his typical "wakie wakie Autumn" and pat my belly. Then I made mom put her hand on my belly and watch tv. Told her just to ignore where your hand is and she'll eventually move. And she did! I think I almost saw a tear coming too!

My goal today is to get a belly picture up!!! I'm saying it on here so I can make myself do it. I just gotta take a shower first ;-)

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