Thursday, July 16, 2009

31 weeks

Wow! I'm down to the single digits in weeks left of my pregnancy. This is absolutely craziness!!! I'm really starting to get uncomfortable now. Autumn is sitting really low with her head LODGED in between my legs. So it's basically just hard and uncomfortable to do anything these days. In order to roll over at night, I have to sit up, get up, adjust pillows, then lay back down. Not to mention the several times waking up to use the bathroom :-) Oh the joys!

Had my doctor's appointment today and definitely not a friend of the scale ne more. I gained 9 lbs in 3 weeks!!!! What's up with that? I walk on somewhat of a regular basis, eat really really healthy. Sigh. The doctor thinks it's just water weight and guessed that I'm not drinking enough water. He guessed right. So he told me to start walking everyday, that'll help move things around and it'll make me want to drink more water as well. So I went and bought some really nice walking shoes (something light weight for the summer) and took our dog for a walk today. It felt really good :-) Everything else is measuring on time. Autumn's bpm was 139, blood pressure was 120/78 and I got 9 more weeks (give or take) left... Starting my every 2 week appointments now. I feel like I live there already! Good thing my doctors are pretty much amazing.

Other exciting news... On my way home from the Whitecaps yesterday, I saw a mini van pulled over off the highway, engolfed in flames!!! Talk about a bad day for them. It's just something you usually only see on T.V., not in person. So that was kinda scary and weird. Then, when I got close to my neighborhood, a deer jumped on the hood of my car, while I was driving! I was minding my own business, looked to my right and watched a lady walking her dog (to make sure the dog doesn't jump out in front of my car) and to my left came a deer, out of no where. Hopped right on top of the car and hopped off. Kept going like nothing ever happened! Totally freaked me out and probably gave me the biggest heart attack of my life. Wow. Just something you don't see everyday. So now I have 3 nice little dents on my hood. Thanks little deer.
Baby showers start in 3 weeks. Can't wait! Enjoy my new belly pictures. I think I look funny because Autumn is sitting so low right now :-)

So right now I'm pretty much living in t-shirts and capris that I made.

I'm all about the comfort now :-) Can't believe how big I'm getting!!!

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