Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

It always seems like I get sick or a migraine on or around the 4th of July. Still not quite sure why... On Friday, we spent time with family up in Grant. Hanging out with all my younger cousins, eating food, watching all the crazy kids going swimming. I used to be that crazy, HAHA. One of my cousins sat on my lap for a long time and was very fasinated by my baby belly. Her mom just had a baby not 3 months ago, so she understood very well (for a 2 year old) what was going on in my belly. She was SOOOO excited that she would scream out to her sisters everytime they walked by that I have a baby in my belly! I love my cousins. Family get together's are so much fun. The next one, I'll have my own baby!!!!!! Craziness.

So yeah, definitely came home Friday night with a sore throat and woke up Saturday with a super stuffy head, pounding head ache, runny nose and worse sore throat. UGH! Plus, I had to call into work, don't like doing that. I try so hard to not call in sick, but Jordan threatened to pin me down. So here I am again, trying to get over this, whatever I have. Had to call in sick again today, sigh. It's been somewhat enjoyable laying around though. Cuz I've really been able to feel Autumn moving inside me. Watching my belly move and guessing where her hands and feet are. Jordan even got to feel her cute little butt :-) He really liked that and gets more anxious everyday to finally meet her! (Random thought) I'm half tempted to ask a nurse to take a picture of Jordan's first reaction when he gets to hold her in the delivery room. I can't even begin to imagine, sigh...

Things I'm looking forward to this month:
~ Jordan's birthday next week (can't wait to see his reaction with my mom's gift to him).
~ House sitting in Caledonia (on a farm) all this week. My own little mini vacation. Pool included!!!
~ Birthing classes in a few weeks (Jordan's not looking forward to those).
~ Planning BABY SHOWERS!!!! :-D

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