Friday, November 25, 2011

2 months old... what?!

I feel like I have a pattern... Not blogging as much with a newborn around the house. Definitely different this time around as well... I have even less time to blog! Not to mention that I feel bad for not being able to post pictures either. I so desperately need a new laptop!!! :-(

Kaelyn is officially 2 months old now. My, where has the time gone? She's starting to get on a schedule. Usually wakes up around 6:30-7. Likes to stay awake for 30 min and then goes back to sleep for 2 hours. Awake for an hour, back down for 2. She cluster feeds from 5ish-7ish. So basically she's attached to my hip or boobs that whole time. Of course, right during dinner. Then she's down for the night. Waking every 4 hours to nurse.

Speaking of nursing. Definitely having more difficulty this time around. Kaelyn is an "indecisive nurser". She thinks she wants to nurse, my milk lets down, she decides she didn't really want to nurse and leaves it at that. Or she decides that she really wanted the other side instead and will nurse that side dry. Well, that's been a little problem for me. It first started off as a clogged duct. I woke up one morning and my left breast was a little sore. Thought nothing of it. Autumn likes to jump on us sometimes and I figured she might have hurt me more than I thought she did. The next day, however, I started getting really achy, chills, almost like I was getting the flu. I got suspicious of mastitis (an infection from a clogged duct in the breast), so I called my mom and asked the symptoms. The only one I didn't have was a high fever, but everything else fit. So I was told to pump, pump, and pump! Warm compress on my sore breast and make sure it was empty all the time. Kaelyn evened helped (which was a shock: most babies don't like the infected breast because the milk might taste funny). She was really good at nursing only that side and emptying it out pretty well. I still pumped, only less than 1/4 oz came out. It wasn't enough to store and I didn't want to throw it away... So I gave it to our cats. Who LOVED it!!! :-) It's now their special treat if I don't have enough to store. They now come flying from wherever they are if they hear my pump turn on. Haha! Anyways. The clogged duct cleared up and I prevented mastitis from even coming.

The next week came and I again, woke up with a sore breast. I knew what to do this time so I started right away. However, by 12pm that same day it hit me. I was on the couch the rest of the day. High fever (102.8), achy, chills, pounding headache and just all over weak. I have never felt so sick in my life!. It is absolutely amazing how something so small can affect me so much! I then went on a 10 day antibiotic to help clear it up. Jordan came home early from work to help out. He was amazing.

The day after my 10 day antibiotic period I started getting a sore breast and fever again. It didn't get as high (99.9), but still starting to feel the symptoms of mastitis again. So I called my Dr. and she thinks that the first round of antibiotics didn't kill off the infection completely. So she prescribed another 7 day antibiotic instead. This one, honestly, was annoying. LOL. I had to take it every 6 hours on an empty stomach. 1 hour before eating or 2-3 hours after eating. So it was hard to try and coordinate meals around the antibiotics. I am happy to say that I am done with those and mastitis free! Now only if Kaelyn will cooperate with nursing more often ;-)

I'm not sure what it is with Kaelyn and nursing. She's super picky on her position and which side. Sometimes I can get her to nurse normally (across my body). Other times I have to lay on the couch or bed with her. Again, this is so different for me. Autumn was a "nurse one side, burp; nurse the otherside, burp and done". End of discussion. Oh well. I'm still thankful that Kaelyn wants to keep nursing and I hope she wants to continue as long as Autumn did.

Kaelyn is starting to coo on a regular basis. She loves talking to her daddy. She imitates him so well! I love watching those 2 together. She smiles all the time. Recognizes so many people already (my family and parents) and is just in general an overall happy baby. She loves watching Autumn play. She's still sleeping in our room at night. I ordered a video baby monitor for her room that I'm not super impressed with. So it's in our room (that way she can nap upstairs) but then I don't have to worry about not hearing her at night. She's a quiet sleeper. Autumn wasn't (she was in her own room by 5 weeks). Eventually she'll make it into her own room. But for now, I don't mind having her in our room.

Well, this was quite the update about Kaelyn. I fall in love more and more everyday with this little girl. Watching her personality come alive and noticing how different my 2 amazing girls are. I plan on updating about Autumn tomorrow. Maybe pictures even? :-)

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