Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Horrible Blogger

Let's face it... When does a mother of two have time to blog these days? I really, really want to get back into the blogging world. I promise! I think I'm having a hard time getting motivation because I can't post pictures. My laptop has completely taken a dump. It's just collecting dust as we speak. So now I'm waiting for tax returns to come and THEN I will start posting pictures!!!

I don't want to overwhelm you with too much, so let's just do a 3 month review...


Christmas was a lot harder for us this year because this was our first year alone, in our own home. We really wanted to create our own family traditions, but couldn't do exactly what we wanted this year because we had to accommodate all of our extended families and their schedules. Kaelyn took it the hardest. She was really good for the first event, but by event number 5, she was done for. Wouldn't even nap and just got all around fussy. We wouldn't get home until after 9pm most nights and Autumn goes to bed around 7:30 (8 at the latest). Next year I think we're going to have to say "no" to some things. We just really want to establish our own traditions and really emphasize family time and not crazy time.

We all ended up getting colds right after this. It was no fun for anyone, especially Kaelyn. Autumn wasn't nearly as sick as Kaelyn has been this winter. However, the more Autumn get sick, the more likely Kaelyn will now get sick :-/ It happens. That's life. We just make it the best that we can. Which means mommy gets more cuddle time with Kaelyn :-)


Kaelyn officially moved into her crib, in her own room, for the first time in the beginning of January. I was really trying to get the best video baby monitor that worked well with Autumn's for Kaelyn's room. I love, love, LOVE being able to see both the girls at night. Makes for a lot less trips getting out of bed to see what's the matter. Also, Kaelyn is a super quiet sleeper, so I didn't mind having her in our room for as long as she was. Autumn, was out by 5 weeks. Haha. Kaelyn also tricked me by "rolling" over, twice, but it was a fluke. She didn't do it again for another month. Kaelyn goes to her 4 month checkup this month. She's still outgrowing Autumn in comparison (which is still strange to me, since she was so much smaller). Kaelyn's stats were: Weight - 15 lbs 6 oz (80th), Height - 25 3/4" (96th), and Head Circumference - 42cm (85th) Jordan and I think that Kaelyn will eventually be taller than Autumn. She is just growing so long and yet she's still super chunky! We LOVE her double chin (or I call it her double neck). She smiles at anyone and everyone. She also took her first bottle from Jordan. I had to run and errand and she woke up from a nap early and wanted to nurse. So Jordan grabbed some breastmilk, warmed it up and gave her a bottle. She took it like a champ!!! That makes for some nice date nights ahead!

Autumn is really starting to show interest in Kaelyn. She won't share her toys, but she will acknowledge that Kaelyn is there and will talk to her every now and then. I made it a point to make sure that I spend time, daily, playing with Autumn. One on one. Making our play time more purposeful and a learning experience for her. I also start working out on a daily (or every other day, hehe) basis. Brings my energy level up more so that I can spend more time with Autumn and less time on the couch. Autumn also loves working out with me. She tries, so hard, to do everything that I'm doing. It's hilarious and a lot of fun for both of us. When I'm all done and super exhausted, she wants to do more. Best motivation coach ever!

I get super motivated to work on my salon. I get it all cleaned out, primed the walls and ceiling (I loathe painting ceilings). Then I paint all the walls!! Now I'm waiting for the floors to be done so that I can move everything in and start working in my salon :-) I'm super excited to get my business at home up and running!!! Jordan left for Tennessee for 2 weeks at the end of January. It was really hard for him and especially us. Kaelyn has no idea, but she's growing so fast at this age and Jordan feels like he misses out on so much. Autumn isn't really sure what's going on and asks for daddy on a daily basis. She eventually started crying for him by the end of the 2 weeks because he wasn't going to be home. However, this time was definitely a marriage builder for us. We were really able to work on our communication skills during this time and was definitely a huge turn around for us :-) He, however, won't be leaving that long for a LONG time ;-)


Kaelyn masters her bouncy seat!!! She can kick her legs just right where she can bounce herself and boy, can she BOUNCE!!! It's hilarious and sometimes makes Jordan a little nauseous. Hehe. We put her in an exersaucer to see how she would handle that. She tried bouncing, but it was too hard for her. So I sold that and invested in a jumperoo. She can she get going and bounce like crazy in that! She loves all the music that comes with it. She especially loves that Autumn's jealous and will stand there and play with the toys in hopes that Kaelyn will get out so she can get in ;-) Kaelyn is now officially rolling over, from tummy to back that is. The funny thing is... She's only done it in her crib. Several times already! Even today for nap time, I had to put her back on her tummy twice before she fell asleep. She's cooing like crazy. Loves to have a "conversation" with you. Just started using her Ms recently. "Mama" won't be too far around the corner ;-) She LOVES watching Autumn play. Autumn will read her books from time to time. Kaelyn also loves our kitties. They like coming by her and she'll pet them and pull their ears. They sure do tolerate our girls very well.

Autumn's talking is getting clearer and clearer and she's saying some of the funniest things lately. I really have to start watching what I say around her these days too. I make sure that I don't swear around our girls (I'm working on just not swearing in general... yikes). But that doesn't mean "Oh my gosh" won't slip my mouth every now and then... Well, apparently Autumn caught on and the first time I heard her say "UGH!!!!! OH..... MY..... GOSH!!!!!!", I couldn't help but laugh because she said it the exact same way I do, even the tone was down. So I paid attention to what I say and apparently I say it more often than I would like. Now I'm trying to work on Autumn not saying that and saying something else. Temper tantrums are a quite large and often right now. I couldn't figure out what was different and why she was doing that so much, until I looked in her mouth... 2 of her two year molars are coming in. That would definitely explain her acting out! So I ordered her a new Baltic Amber necklace to hopefully help her out a little bit. Not to mention that we all got another cold and just got over it the past week or so. Autumn even ended up with a slight fever for a day. Yuck! Potty training.... Oh how I loathe those 2 words. Haha. I keep trying to start, but something keeps coming up. I especially didn't want to try during her cold. So, now I gotta start back up again. I swear it's potty training the parents and not the kids. Now I know why everyone dreads this stage in life. The first day I tried, I had to change my socks 3 times before lunch time. Haha. Oh dear. I'll get there. I'll buckle down. I have the tools I want to help me. Now if only Kaelyn would get on a consistent schedule to help me out ;-)

Jordan took his Journeyman's Exam to become a licensed electrician a couple of weeks ago. He worked so hard at studying for that exam. I am so proud of him! I know he did really well! Now we're just waiting for his results in the mail. It could be up to 30 days after he took the test. Crazy, I know!!! Jordan also decided to take down the walls to the "man cave" in our basement to open it up. It looks so great and he did a really nice job cleaning up ;-) I can't wait til everything's finished down there!! Jordan has worked so hard on our house so far, and there's still so much to do. He's basically overall amazing <3

Well, I hope you enjoyed a recap of the past 3 months of our life. I'm sure I missed a few things, but basically emphasized on the highlights of it. I'm looking forward to getting into the blogging world again. I do miss it and I miss all the encouraging words and comments from everyone. Know that anything and everything you post is important to me and I love to share my journey in life with you guys!

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