Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family of 4!

It's definitely hard to sit down and have time to blog these days. Any mother who has 2 or more children know exactly what I mean ;-) I'm absolutely loving being a mother of 2 now. It is a lot harder, but I am blessed with 2 amazing girls who definitely keep me on my toes! A recap of the past couple of weeks...

We took Kaelyn in a last week for her 2 week check-up. I was completely shocked by her weight. My mom and I were guessing what we thought she would be at... Definitely not 8lbs 1oz!!! Such a big girl :-) She also grew an inch from the previous week. She is not 21 1/4" long. She is going to be SO tall!!! She's still growing like a weed. Her double chin has probably tripled since she was born (hehe). My mom and I looked her over while giving her the first bath at home. We've determined that the reason why her tummy looked so small in the ultrasound is because it's so LONG! She's got such a long torso. So right now she doesn't have a buddha belly... She has a very wide (sideways) belly and a super skinny waist. Very different than what Autumn was. I also learned yesterday that I can't have broccoli when nursing. Ugh, yesterday was awful. I was in tears almost all day. Kaelyn was super gassy, very uncomfortable and woke herself up screaming during her naps. So she didn't sleep much during the day and just wanted to cuddle. But then she would get uncomfortable and didn't want to cuddle anymore. Like I said, it was a long day... Thankfully she got it out of her system during the day and slept great at night! Next week she'll be a month old... I can't believe how fast time has gone already. I can't wait to find out how much she weighs now!!

Autumn is, well, Autumn. Haha. She's her own person and wants to do everything herself. Even if it means throwing a tantrum (something I can't wait to work on once I get a book I ordered). She doesn't really care about Kaelyn. Could honestly go an entire day without even looking at her if she wanted to. She loves Dora and Deigo and honestly, we probably watch them a little too much right now. However, it's so hard with Kaelyn unpredictable schedule to actually do anything with Autumn right now. That'll change soon :-) Other than that, Autumn decided that she wanted to wake up earlier in the morning now. Anywhere from 6:30-7 instead of the normal 7:30-8. So that's quite a change for me. But Kaelyn's been also waking up at the same time so it's not horrible. Just harder to get things going with breakfast in the morning. Not like I can tell Kaelyn to wait a couple of minutes while I make Autumn toast... LOL

As far as I go... I feel great!!! I actually started doing hair 3 weeks earlier than expected. It's crazy how much better I feel this time around. I could pop out another baby if I wanted to ;-) With Autumn I was bed-ridden for 2 weeks and then barely moving around by the 6 week mark. This time around I was able to walk around and take a shower while in the hospital. We actually left a day early because I felt so great. I've even taken 3 walks already with the girls! I can't wait to start exercising because I wanna lose 30-40lbs before my best friend's wedding in April. I actually ordered a work-out system made by a mother for breastfeeding mothers. That way I won't have to worry about losing my milk supply while working out.

Jade could care less that we've added another baby to the house. We didn't really introduce Kaelyn to Jade like we did with Autumn. Jade just kind of looked at us like "oh, another one of those" and moved on. LOL. Our cats, however, are driving me crazy!!! They're so noisey and nosey. They get into everything and I even found Libby sleeping in Kaelyn's bassinet one morning, while Kaelyn was in there. Yeah, she went flying (Libby, not Kaelyn, hehe). The cats are always going into her room and stealing her socks. Getting hair on all of her swings and bouncy seats. Even try to climb on Kaelyn while I'm nursing her. Yeah, they're still kittens, but sometimes I want to throw them on the streets... UGH!

I wish I could post some pictures on here. I've taken some super cute ones over the past few weeks. However, my laptop absolutely will not turn on. And Jordan's laptop doesn't have a slot for the SD card... And I can't find my cord to my camera. So, I'm stuck only posting phone pictures on facebook for now :-( I hope I can post pics soon. It's crazy how much Kaelyn has grown!


  1. When Gracie was born, the cats also stole her socks all the time and climbed on her while she was nursing. We have all of these great photos of Grace and a cat sharing the Boppy while Grace nursed. So glad you're feeling great after the birth. I'm sure that makes taking care of a toddler and a newborn simultaneously at least a little easier. Congratulations!

  2. Happy to hear you're doing well!! (and that you're doing hair already ... I need a trim hehe )

    We still let Henry watch too much Word World and Super Why ... someday the tv babysitter won't be as essential - but at least they're watching shows that are educational in one way or another!!