Monday, April 4, 2011

15 weeks and counting

How far along? 15 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: Last time I checked, I've lost weight since the beginning of the pregnancy. 5 lbs so far.
Maternity clothes? Ugh, just started wearing maternity pants for comfort. Although, they don't fit very well yet.
Stretch marks? No new ones, but old ones are getting darker.
Sleep: I have been sleeping better since my cold is gone. But I do have to wake up and pee in the middle of the night. My baby sits really, really low in my uterus. Causing a lot of pressure on my bladder :-)
Best moment this week: Feeling baby move for the first time :-)
Movement: Felt baby move once or twice in the past few days.
Food cravings: I did have to stop and buy some Cool Ranch Dorritos the other day (lol)
Gender: We'll find out in 5 weeks (give or take).
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button in or out? Depending on how I move, it's starting to stick out.
What I miss: Being able to fall asleep right away. My restless leg syndrome is worse this pregnancy :-(
What I am looking forward to: Having our own home for baby #2 to move into!!!
Weekly Wisdom: God is in control. I have to put my faith in this pregnancy in Him and trust that it's in His will.
Milestones: I have a noticeable "baby bump" now instead of a "did she eat too much?" bump. Haha!
Realization of the week: We get to find out the baby's gender next month!!! :-D

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