Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taking a Break

I just wanted to let my followers know that I will be taking a break from my blog for a while. It's been difficult trying to get on my computer and update. Usually by the time my computer turns on, Autumn needs something or wakes up from a nap. So it's a little inconvenience at times. We will be closing on our home (prayers) hopefully tomorrow. And moving in within the next couple of weeks. We want to paint and have the floors done before we move in. Hopefully I can start updating my blog once we get settled in :-)

Quick update. Autumn's speech is improving so much. She's trying to put sentences together and even though we only understand one or two words of it, she is still so proud! She's definitely hit the "terrible twos" stage of her life and we have some sort of temper tantrum almost every night. It's so hard not to laugh. LOL.

Baby #2 is starting to move a lot. I started feeling kicks a couple of days ago and now I feel them several times throughout the day. I had my 16/17 week check up on Monday and everything looked great! Baby's bpm was 150 and sounded really, really strong! I have my ultrasound on May 4th to determine the gender!!! Super excited :-)

Autumn had some Easter pics taken this past Saturday. She was not a happy camper. Cried almost the whole time (didn't like the way the fake grass felt on her hands). Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!

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