Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick Update

I know, it's been frustrating since I haven't been able to blog recently. My computer's been having problems with not turning on. And then when I would finally get it on, I couldn't use the internet. Ugh! I think we're just gonna take all my pictures off, wipe my computer clean and start all over.

My poor Autumn has been battling and ear infection for the past couple of weeks. She went from a week of Amoxicillin to a week of Augmentin and then started a fever not 24 hours after she finishes her last anti-biotic. Really? She has her 18 mth check-up on Monday. I'm just gonna keep a close eye on her until then. If her fever gets any higher than it is now, I'm gonna bring her in. I just want her to start feeling better :-(

Autumn's is becoming such a talker. Yeah, she mostly jabbers and will throw in a word that we know every now and then. However, this past week she's been saying 2 or more words together. Her favorite thing is pointing out balls. Anywhere and everywhere. "There's a ball!" (Pointing at the AT&T sign) hehe. I love it. It keeps me on my toes because I never know where there's gonna be a ball ;-) She also likes to find pictures and point out who's in it. "That's mama. There's dada!" Everytime I drop her off at someone's house, she comes home with a new word. So watch out what you say around her people! LOL

Again, I wish I could post more pictures. But again, my computer dislikes me right now. So here's a picture of when Autumn had her fever at her worst 2 weeks ago. Poor baby :-(

This picture cracks me up. Hehe

Playful even when she's not feeling well.

Don't you just wanna hug her?

"Stop taking pictures!"

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