Friday, May 14, 2010

Short story

It's been a very long week. Autumn's still not sleeping very well. Last night I gave her some teething tablets, figured that it didn't hurt. And she slept almost 7 hours! I almost wonder if she is really teething. It's wearing me out pretty bad. She's still not set on her schedule like she was before she starting crawling. She officially dropped her last nap. So she's only down to two naps a day. On a good day, she'll sleep 2 hours. The last nap is always a struggle. If she's the slightest bit over tired or not tired enough, it's a battle to get her to sleep! Oh the joys of motherhood :-) Good thing I love her like crazy!

Speaking of crawling... Autumn is all over the place. She is on the go! Getting into anything and everything. She's pretty smooth at it now. Even crawls to me, Jordan and my mom. One evening, Jordan came home from work, super dirty. Autumn saw him and got super excited. Started crawling towards him and even cried a little bit when he tried to walk away to wash his hands. Just melted his heart! So he picked her up, dirty hands and all :-) How could you say no to that?

Autumn almost pulled herself up today too. She got up on her knees. I told her that she was growing up too fast and that she needed to stop. She didn't listen to me. I am so blessed to have Autumn in my life. She has taught me so much about my heart and God's love for me. The miracle of life is a wonderful thing. I just never thought I would blink and she'd be crawling already. Next walking... Then pre-school... Ok... I need to stop!

Recently started Autumn on cherrio puffs. She's doing a lot better than I expected with them. I still have to break them apart a little bit. Still a little big for her. But she eats them very well. Even used her two bottom teeth to crunch them. I put a few on her high chair table and she went to town. Still not doing so well with the pointer finger and the thumb, but she's learning. She gets them in her mouth. Sometimes. I just love watching her learn and observe. She's such a smart girl.

Autumn and I are going to be flying to Myrtle Beach at the end of this month to visit Jen and her little girl Leah! I'm SO excited and yes, a little nervous. I've only ever flown once in my life, not to mention that I'm bringing Autumn with me :-) Jordan will be fishing in the U.P. with a bunch of guys from church. And so I figured that Autumn and I needed a little vacation of our own. Found some really cheap tickets online. Really looking forward to spending some time with Jen and our girls! Any advice on traveling with a 8 month old would be very appreciated.

Last, but not least, Mother's Day!!! My first official Mother's Day was last Sunday. Autumn surprised me with a beautiful open hearts necklace in her crib when she woke up from her nap. Sneaky girl ;-) Like I said before (and I'll say it again a million times over) I am so blessed to have Autumn. She is such a wonderful surprise. I love watching her grow and learn and watch her personality come to life. Her bond with Jordan is growing so much and just warms my heart when she gets super excited to see him. He loves his little girl so much! I can't wait to expand our little family ;-)

My first Mother's Day!

Playing with Rudy.

How do I get this in my mouth?

Her newest thing... Tipping her head to the side.

Studying those cherrio puffs...

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