Thursday, September 15, 2011


Had my 39 week check-up today. Along with one of my many, many non-stress tests. Kaelyn did amazing today. Moving right away and constantly. She wanted to get in and out, that's my girl :-) Met with one of my doctors (first time meeting her, she's new but I like her) and she mentioned that it's up to my OB specialist that I've been seeing to determine how far he wants me to go in this pregnancy. If she's not growing enough, then they'll induce me. If she is, then they might let me go as far as 42 weeks. UGH! I pray they don't let me go THAT long :-/ She also checked to see if I was dilated at all... NOPE!!! But I am "soft" and things could move. I was kind of disappointed. Ha. I was already dilated with Autumn at this point. But that usually doesn't mean anything. I'm also measuring even smaller than I have before. I'm measuring at 36 weeks right now. My other doctor's don't like patients to go above or below 2 cm and I'm 3 cm below. So it's a good thing I have an ultrasound tomorrow. As much as I want to have Kaelyn this weekend, I do pray that everything is okay in there.

So, I'm sure I will update you after my ultrasound tomorrow. For now, enjoy a side-by-side survey (Kaelyn's pregnancy is in bold and Autumn's pregnancy isn't) and also enjoy a side-by-side photo. Boy do I look HUGE with Autumn!!!

How far along?
39 weeks (39 weeks)
Total weight gain/loss: Ugh! I was doing so well. Now I've gained a total of 33 lbs... Blah :-( (You're gonna laugh... Gained 49 lbs (UGH) It's sad, I weigh more than my husband!!!)
Maternity clothes? Like there's anything else to wear... LOL (Definitely about to wear my Dad's clothes now (and he's a big guy).)
Stretch marks? Adding a few more on my sides this time... Oh, and my belly button too. Weird... (Oh yes :-) Starting to get a few on my sides.)
Sleep: It's interesting to read my sleep schedule that I had with Autumn because it's totally different now! I am SO glad we spent the extra money and got a tempurpedic bed!!! Now I usually go to the bathroom once within 10 minutes after climbing in bed. Then I wake up around 2:30-3ish and go again. Then I'm fine until the morning. Sigh, so much better than what I was doing with Autumn! (Sleep is over-rated. HA! Here's my schedule. In bed around 10pm. Get up and go to the bathroom every half hour until around midnight. Up around 2:30am to pee. Back to sleep til around 4:30/5ish to pee again. Up at 6am to make Jordan's lunch then FINALLY able to sleep til around 10:30am. SIGH!!!)
Best moment this week: That I didn't have to have 3 non-stress tests this week. WOO HOO!!! (That I'm dilated! WOO HOO!!!!)
Movement: Kaelyn is a moving machine still. She likes to push my uterus sides all around. Looks funny and Jordan thought it even looked painful (which it can be sometimes). (Autumn's finally maturing in there so her movements aren't so jerky anymore. I feel like she's in slow motion right now.)
Food cravings: Not really craving anything right now... Weird huh? (Pickles and ice cream (but not together))
Gender: Haha, again, still a girl! (Still a girl :-) Confirmed it in 3 ultra sounds!!!)
Labor Signs: Had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions last week that I was hoping would progress into labor, but it stopped after a couple of days. Very disappointing :-( (A few contractions here and there, but nothing too serious.)
Belly Button in or out? OUTIE!!! (Definitely an outie!)
What I miss: Being able to move in general without being in pain. Oh, and I miss wearing my cute clothes! (Being able to get in and out of bed without being in so much pain!!!)
What I am looking forward to: Same thing, being able to hold Kaelyn and introduce her to Autumn!!! (Holding Autumn in my arms and giving her lots and lots of kisses!!!)
Weekly Wisdom: I guess I don't have any... Ha... lame... (Walking is your friend! I feel so much better since I've started walking again!)
Milestones: SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME OUT KAELYN!!!!! (SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Realization of the week: It all comes down to what my OB specialist says at tomorrow's ultrasound. I could have Kaelyn this weekend or I could have her as far as 3 weeks from now. My regular doctors wouldn't mind letting me go to 42 weeks. Wow... :-( (Seriously will have Autumn in no longer than 2 weeks (my doctor won't let me go more than 7-10 days past my due date). AHHHHHHHHHHHH :-D)

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