Monday, August 2, 2010

Father's Love

Many of you know that Jordan had to go to Tennessee for over a week and a half for work. It was hard, having him gone! Even though I don't think Autumn really understood, I could tell that she knew something wasn't right. We tried to talk online through video chat as much as we could with Autumn. She loved it! The first time she didn't understand (it didn't help that she was tired) but then she figured out that daddy was on there and would get happy to see him! Well, Jordan finally came home really early last Friday morning. After sleeping in for a while, I had Autumn wake him up. This is one of her favorite things to do! She'll sit next to him and slap him with both of her hands. Hehe. This time was really different. She'll squealed with excitement! Not to mention that Jordan was SOOO excited to finally hold her again. Now if you've been reading my my blog for a while, you know that Autumn doesn't giggle (much). This time, however, Jordan got her to FULL FORCE giggled, really loud! Oh, my, goodness. It made me smile and laugh so much that it brought tears to my eyes!!! I love the bond that those two have been creating between themselves. Autumn is so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy like Jordan. She's so happy now that he's home. They play together every evening and he's been getting her to giggle more often now. Jordan definitely has the magic touch!

Thank you Jordan, for being such a wonderful daddy!

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