Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 weeks already?!?!

Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks. I can't believe that we've been living in our HOME for almost 2 weeks already!! It's insane. Boxes are slowly making their way out of the house. I'm hoping that we can start parking in the garage within the next month :-) Autumn is adjusting, slowly, but getting there. During the day isn't an issue, it's nap time and bed time that's the big adjustment. At my parent's house, her room was pitch black! Here, we only have towels hanging up (for now) so it lets in a lot more light than she's used to. I have to rock her to sleep in order for her to take her afternoon nap. Unfortunately I foresee this going badly. But I have time to work things out.

Autumn is talking... CONSTANTLY! Although it may be mostly baby chinese... Haha. She still continues to try and have conversations with me. I love it. She's said a few sentences herself. And amazing me with new words that she learns on a daily basis. I can't believe how much this girl knows! We still like to watch her Sign Language dvds. She now knows every single sign and can say every single word. I'm surprised she's not bored from it! But she brings it to me at least once a day and asks to watch it. It's better than Sponge Bob anyways ;-) Autumn is finally, mostly sleeping through the night. I can't believe it. She's not going to sleep tonight now that I'm posting this (lol). But more times than not, she is sleeping through the night. I never thought I would see the day. I'm still super slow at waking up, so she's usually almost crying by the time I get to her. Haha. Poor girl. Someday I'll become a morning person....... Or not...

Kaelyn is a moving machine. It's mere minutes after sitting down that she'll start moving. She's still very super low, so I'm constantly going to the bathroom (oh joy). I am 23 weeks today and things are going well. I'm very tired, but moving didn't help that much. I have another doctor's appointment next week with another ultrasound as well! Kaelyn wasn't cooperating when the ultrasound tech wanted to take a picture of her heart. So they want to go back and just make sure they can get a clear picture. Everything is ok and normal, but my doctor wants a picture. Besides, who wouldn't want another ultrasound anyways?

Jade is adjusting well. She loves her fenced in backyard! There's lots of places to "hide" while she's on squirrel patrol. Not to mention her new Doggy I-max TV that she has her dog bed in front of in the living room.

Jordan has been working hard on the house before we moved in and even now. We spent the weekend together working on the yard (I had a blast) and since we've had rain like crazy, he's been doing a lot of inside work, especially on my salon. Hehe. Jordan's had to grind the floors down because there's glue residue leftover from the tiles that were down there. We're just going to paint the cement floors and maybe do something fancy several years down the line. I'm hoping he can get my salon up and running within the next couple of months!

My camera is currently in a box, somewhere. So I am not able to post any pictures at this time. But as soon as I find it, I will take some and definitely post soon.

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