Thursday, November 11, 2010

Short, but sweet.

I find it's a little more sad to update my blog since I can't get pictures on my computer right now :-( I am working on it and I will get them back on, eventually!

Autumn is currently taking the longest nap she has ever taken! I put her down around 1:30ish today (after an exciting Ming Ten lunch with my dad and grandpa) and she's still sleeping. Should I mention that the time is currently 5:05pm? :-) Definitely got a lot of stuff done. I'm debating waking her up, but yesterday she took a long nap as well and ended up sleeping even better at night. So, I'm letting her sleep. I think I'll wake her up at 5:30, if she's not up by then.

Autumn has gotten to the stage where she loves to imitate people. She's getting better at all of her animal sounds and is learning more and more every day! I mentioned before that she loves books. One of her favorite is a Mammals book that more of a 3rd grader level, however, they do have pictures of animals and we go through and talk about each of them and the sounds they make. Even if a chimpanzee, gorilla and spider monkey make all the same noise, she doesn't care :-)

The other day my brother was opening one of Autumn's sign language books to the page with the slide on it and she immediately did the sign! I couldn't believe it! She's never even been on a slide!! I also was going through the book with her and got to the "please and thank you" pages and not only did she sign please, but she said it as well!!! Now she does it whenever we ask her to. It's amazing!

This has to be a short post because Autumn just woke up :-) I'll update more soon!

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